I am going to visit Signapore in November,is it good time to visit it?


Country: Singapore


It's always a good time to visit! ;)
Its ALWAYS a GOOD time to visit singapore... We are a tropical city so do expect rainy & sunny days!

In November we shall be celebrating Hari Raya Haji for the Muslims and Deepavali for the Hindus.

So do come down and be part of our lovely culture!!
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05Nov.'10 is Deepavali=Festival of Lights ;celebrated by Hindus & all Singaporeans.
Our 'Little India' will be fully lighted up for the festival.

It'll be a great time to visit Singapore to do all your shopping for X'mas & NewYear ;-} .

Only caution is that it'll be in the midst of monsoons, so prepare a brollie & U'll be fine.We're in the tropics,so almost every rainstorm will cum & go within a relatively short time.It's nothing comparable to the days of continous rain & snow that U may experienced in north Europe & UK.

We're also within a 7hrs flightpath to all the super destinations in Asia,the FarEast,S.E.Asia & S,Asia.

So please check out our websites & U'll be rewarded with some of the most enjoyable itineraries in your tour of a lifetime ;-} .
Cheers to everlasting HAPPiNESS ! 8-)

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