Can anyone suggest a good english-speaking university in Portugal?

My family's portugese but I can't speak the language. I plan to study college there. Are there any english speaking schools in Portugal that teach their classes in english?


Country: Portugal


Hi I don't know of any English speaking universities but there are a number of schools where pupils are taught in English - I am sure they will know exactly how to advise you best. You can find these schools in various parts of Portugal at
Hi there is a University that teaches in English which is the European University. The campus is right on the center of Lisbon.
There are a lot of courses offered in many of the Portuguese universities that are thought in english. The universities often offer Portuguese classes to foreign students too. The Portuguese government has set up a program of free portuguese classes for immigrants and they are widely available in Lisbon. The universities in Coimbra and Evora are very old and very good, you can apply to the international offices via the university websites and the people will get back to you with all their application requirements and info for international students.

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