I'm going to Shinjuku and would like to what to do by myself while my husband is working during the day and also things to do at nigth...

...together. Thanks


City: Tokyo

Prefecture: Tokyo

Country: Japan


There is a big park at Shinjuku, named Shinjuku Gyoen

which is highly recommended to relax at outdoor.
Many shopping malls and department stores around Shinjuku station.
Another place worth to visit is Shinjuku Souther Terrace, opposite Shinjuku station south exist.
Shinjuku is the busiest Station in Japan, during rush hour passing through the station can be an adventure. The Metropolitan Office building has an observation deck on the 41st floor which is free of charge and will give you a great view of the entire Tokyo area and if the air is clear you can get a view of Mount Fuji, the Chichibu mountan range and the bay. If you are here during the summer it would be a good idea to visit department stores as it can be quite hot. Seibu, Isetan, Mitsukoshi, Takashimaya, are all in Shinjuku. There is a Korea town nearby in Okubo which has many street vendors offering Korean snacks. Going to Ikebukuro's Sunshine city aquarium is a cool place to spend the afternoon, (Ikebukuro is just 4 stations away).

Shinjuku has so many bars can clubs that you could go to two or three places every night for over a year and still not have visited every one of them. There is a great variety of restaurants offering a wide range of cuisines. Depending upon your age and interests, my recommendations would vary greatly.
It might be interesting to sample various Japanese arts and crafts like flower arranging, tea ceremony, caligraphy. There are many places to try these, and some in the general area.
That will be exciting to just look around department stores, like Isetan, Takashimaya and some others. Enjoy looking around cutting edge items. Meanwhile, go ahead to The Tokyo Metropolitan Goverment Office and get in the elevator lifting you up to an observation deck. I have ever once tried it with my American friend before and the view was terrific !! If it shines, that would be so cool to drop by. Enough or still short of informations ?
Shinjuku is a shopping mecca. Takeshimaya, a large department store close to the southern exit of the station hosts a number of shops, cinemas, bookstores and restaurants. Shinjuku Station itself has a number of department stores, restaurants and many smaller shops located in the adjacent concourses.

As far as nightlife, Shinjuku has a wide variety of restaurants, clubs and other attractions catering to different tastes and people of various ages.
cant be much fun going there by yourself so if you need a guide during the day let me know, Ciao
Shinjuku Gyoen is definitely a must see, especially the Japanese garden and tea house. From the park you are close to Isetan Dept. store, which gives you a tax discount if you show your passport. As you head back towards the station from Isetan the is a cute little shrine in behind Isetan. There are loads of bars and restaurants in Shinjuku, but if you are only here a short time, places like Shibuya, Ebisu, or even Shimokitazawa are much more interesting for night life. All are just a few minutes by train from Shinjuku.

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