Where is not save to a tourist in Jerusalem ?

I am planning travel to Israel - Jerusalem. I would like to know where is not save to a tourist go in the city of Jerusalem.


Country: Israel


To begin with - Israel is safe and so is Jerusalem. Much, much safer than most major cities in the world.
Because we are so concerned with security, and because of the occasional risks, the level of protection and security in Israel and especially in Jerusalem is much higher than almost anywhere else in the world.
The places that you will most likely be interested in seeing and visiting are very safe and you have nothing to concern yourself - except for perhaps an occasional pickpocket - but that is a world wide hazard.

If there are any particular spots you are worried about, why don't you tell us where and we can let you know the current situation.

Mostly - don't worry - you'll have a great time and you'll be very safe.
Jerusalem is very safe.
The criminal elements are like in every city in the world.
Security wise I advise not to wander around the Muslim Quarter on Fridays between 10AM - 2PM. Also this month is the Ramadan month and there could be some tension in Muslim areas of the Old City.
Criminally wise beware of pickpockets in the markets on Mt of Olives and around the Basilica of the Garden of Gethsemane.
I agree with both above answers...J'lem like any ohter major city has it's fair share of common crime. Generally safe to wander around the city during the day and not too late at night. As it's summer there are many night time activities so more people out and about. Besides being aware of your bags I would say that it is a thumbs up.

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