what travel agency do u recommend for daytrips in Galapagos? In Puerto Ayora - good service, nice boats and English-speaking guides. thnx


Province: Galapagos Islands

Country: Ecuador


Hi, you may go to the front desk of Finch Bay Eco Hotel, the best hotel in town. They have two yachts available for day trips to the surrounding islands. Regards
The agency I recommend is Iguana Travel run by Paddy Intriago telephone number is 08-6366241, they offer you really good daily trips.
Hope you find them.
Dear tourist.
Most of subscribed agencies are Ok depending on the service you require ,if you want
to save yo may only contact an small hotel in Galapagos and take a local boat depending on the amount of people. Is a big tour operator but for a nice catamaran for 8 couples you may contact me also I can arrange the millennium yacht for example .
Galapagos it self cost twice the price of the Ecuadorian Continent
Dear Tourist: The Red Mangrove Adventure Lodge Invites You To Experience The Other Galapagos . It Is Our Pleasure To Present You The Red Mangrove , The Only Hotel In Puerto Ayora Built Amongst Magical And Captivating Red Mangroves. We Have Put Great Emphasis In Paying Attention To Every Smallest Detail In Keeping With Our Own Unique Style. Without A Doubt, Our Rooms Provide The Highest Levels Of Comfort, Exclusivity, And Relaxation Required By Even Our More Demanding Clients. The Passion For Adventure In The Enchanted Islands Is One Of Our Main Concerns. That Is Why We Are Glad To Offer Our Activities And Services, Listed Herein Together With Price Listings, Terms And Conditions And Cancellation Policies
Hey there.
Visiting The Most Enchanted Islands around the world is a unique experience but not necessarily the most expensive.
As a local guide I suggest to check in "La Peregrina" it's Bed&Breakfast neat and nice place for staying; just around the corner you will find our tour agency: Galapagos Deep, where we offer daily tours according to your needings and budget. May ask for Gloria Galarraga, besides extra activities like mountain bike, kayaking, etc.
Call info: 593-084674341
I suggest The key is that you do habe to book in a package Hotel + Tours. The website has all the information about this trips. Please give us some feedback to be able to send real availabilities.

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