the best romantic site in Mombasa and where to apend for a week with a loved one. ill be greatful for your answer.


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Wow - romance is in the air everywhere along the coast. Try to stay away from the packed touristic places (i.e. the large hotels), book a private beach house instead. This will give you all the scenery and will keep all the luxury of the house to yourself and your loved one - the swimming pool, the chef who prepares your meals, the terrace and the veranda... Enjoy your romantic stay!
Contact me for details of private beach houses for rent - kindly include the period you intend to go there.
That is great! you and your loved one need some romantic place to share romance together, of course Mombasa is the perfect choice and ican assure you that if you go to Lambada for that week you will dream to stay for good. ask me!
Mombasa is synonymous to romance and hence the tag line 'mombasa yapapasa' translated loosely as 'Mombasa caresses'. starting from the beach fronts, ferry ride (don't mind the crowds but dont do something that is tanturmount to indecent exposure), private boat rides, try the tamarind dhow. go swimming. float on the pool.
Most hotels will organise for u romantic dinners at request. Dont forget lafarge (haller parker), the greater nature trail. there are lots of stuff to do. wanna try night life; the biggy biggy booms are tembo, havana, lambada, Rio, dinners. the jiggy jiggiz are florida, casuarinas. cool ones can be found within the hotels.
I'll have to agree with Agostino here. If I were you, I would stay away from the big hotels. You won't get much privacy or personalized service from most of them. You'll feel like a number in a crowd.
If you wanted to be treated well and to have the place to yourself, a private beach house, cottage or chalet would be the best option. And all along the coast, you'll find many of them, ranging from about as little 2,000 shillings per cottage per night, to as much as 50,000 a night.
But don't worry, you don't need to spend an exorbitant amount of money to enjoy yourself and be treated well. Most beach front cottages come with a cook and are serviced with fresh seafood every day from the fishermen on the beach.
I can give you a list of cottages and houses based on your budget, if you want. Send me an email at

I hope you enjoy your stay at the coast, and have a romantic time.
South coast is not crowded as such. You can try there or contact me for more details
romance,definately a private beach house,for more ask me.
Get a house with a Beach front or a Beach Hotel.There is nothing more romantic than that...
Nyali has many Houses with Beach fronts at reasonable rates..
The hotels have reasonable rates as well...
A hotel is better coz they do prior arrangements for couples to suit their taste...
Hey lucky girl!
Hidden away and newly opened is a tiny place in Kikambala called 'The Secret'! it is soooooo romantic with not more then 12 rooms, beautifully decorated and prepared with love by the managing couple Leslie and Pietro Rampinelli. One feels pampared and spoilt beyond reason. As a musician we have performed there for a private party - food is EXCELLENT! Nice Pool and close to beach and Mtwapa nightclubs. 0733803838 or 0724341034
have a blast!
at the coast you should go to a quite and peaceful place . i wud suggest you go to malindi wonderful italian cuisine very affordable places to stay .while you in malindi you can go for the boat ride where you can have your barbecued sea food while on the boat .
Hi...lots of places to choose from depending on ur taste and budget, from private houses with ur own chef/butler to world famous romantic hotels in south coast and private beaches in the far North.
Mombasa is a good destination but a little bit crowded. I can offer an alternative romantic holiday in Lamu at the best rate. Please get back to me in case you like the offer.
Love is on the Air. The best romatic place at Mombasa is a private beach house at South Coast Interior No Network therefore no disturbuse. You will have good time. Let me know the dates and will give you offers. Shadrack Masinde
I highly recommend Malindi, or one of the other beaches along the south coast. The beaches are breathtakingly beautiful. Depending on your budget, you could choose a boat ride, moonlight picnic on the beach, private guesthouse, all kinds of romantic options are available along the coast. Please email me at with an idea of your price range, and I would be happy to work with you to create a romantic week at the Kenyan coast that you and your partner will never forget!
Dear Elkana langat,My advice as tour and travel consultant for many years is to try out, Turtle Bay Beach Club is the place for a beach holiday and year after year over 3000 repeat guests turning back for a holiday treat of a lifetime.You can enjoy varieties of the following if you contact me for more information.
Watamu National Marine Park
Scuba Diving
Mida Creek
Gede Ruins
Bio-Ken Snake Farm

Deep Sea Fishing
Arabuko-Sokoke Forest
Dolphin Watching Trips
Kipepeo Butterfly Farm
Hell’s Kitchen
I hope to hear from you soon.
Tamarind Dhow at Tamarind...candle light dinner on a dhow and live music
Tamarind Dhow at Tamarind...candle light dinner on a dhow and live music
hey Langat you have the place you requre just trust me in Mombasa we have got hotels that raise from one star to five star for instance the sarova in the coast beach are the best though there is avariety of them. but this site helps () thumbs up trust you will enjoy
Hi.romantic week in the coast.If you want to watch your budget a beach house is not the idea.There are good boutique hotels in the south coast eg,The Sands at Nomad,where i believe you can enjoy your honeymoon.But if you want the clubing scene North Coast is the ideal destination.The Tamarind Dhow or take a dhow sailing Cruise at severin Sea Lodge.
For more options or questions please do not hesitate to ask
tamarind is the answer . or you can go for a get away weekend at chale island
You got lots of answers and that tells you love is just great! Congratulations! Just to add one more - The south Coast of Kenya - Diani is the most romantic place you can be at. The prices are reasonable in relation to the services and the ambience is just perfect. Accomodation, scenery ( short safaris), quiet beautiful beaches, fresh seafood and an option of kawa food... what more do you need?
Holla if you need more help this way...
i'd say anywhere along the beach and if you want a quiet all to yourself one. try the north coast. there's a nice hotel there where the meals are exotic and the sand heavenly with discos every night
and soothing beach walks late at night.
CONGRATS GIRL!Mombasa is one of the best places to go with a loved one,for romance you need to visit the beaches especially at the pirates i always find it fun though its a public beach you will definitely have fun,at the same place take a ride with a boat to the deepest side of the can also go for swimming to other beaches at the coast enjoying the features formed by the water,g the caves.Other places include the hotels like the white sands hotel where you can enjoy so many activities e.g swimming at their lovely pool,visiting their well furnished rooms and many more.
Apart from all the beaches make sure you experience a ride at the likoni with a ferry across the deep ocean viewing the fishes.ooh!dont forget the night clubs where you can get a chance to twist around with your partner.some of these may include,the famous casblanca,tembo,havana,lambada and tamarind dhow.wishing you all the best and make sure you enjoy.
Mombasa is great and offers many hotels,However i would not recommend it.I was there two weeks ago,and the heat is too much.But if you can beat the weather.Then go and have a nice time.Cheers

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