Does Israel permit entry to travellers from Qatar or other arabian nations?

I have planned a trip to Israel and hope to visit Qatar and spend a day there. However,I heard Arabian nations such as Qatar refuse entry to travellers having an Israel visa stamp on their passports. Please tell me if my travel is workable.


Country: Israel


Nikita, hello... A very interesting question! Here is a web-site which may help: . It will take you, via links, to the relevant official government web-sites. The Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs site states that Qatar and Israel established diplomatic relations in 1996 (however the Israeli trade office in Doha recently closed, in Feb 2009). In any event, it does not sound as though an Israeli visa/stamp will prevent you from entering Qatar. The countries where this is a problem are: Algeria, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Sudan, UAE and Yemen (they are listed here: )

You do not state which country you are a citizen of, but this really is the key to the whole question. See if there are embassies/consulates for Israel and/or Qatar (and for any other countries you plan to visit) in the country where you live. These offices can tell you the specific visa requirements and tell you how to apply (if your country doesn't qualify for an automatic tourist visa at any of the port(s) of entry).

I wish you luck! I am sometimes envious of the explorers and travelers of centuries past: Though the travel conditions were often harsh, they could pretty much just hire a team of outfitters and guides and GO...
Hi Nikita,

You do not state your citizenship but I suggest you find out wether you have a Qatar Council or Embassy in your country and inquire there. They would know best. Also check out Qatar's Ministry of Interior web site, as they have an online inquiries service.
That should answer your question.
Hope you manage! Good luck and happy travelling.
you are correctly informed. Ask the Israeli passport control NOT to stamp your passport. It is an acceptable thing. Enjoy your trip -
The best way to be sure is to ask at the Israeli consulate where you are getting the visa. There is a way to get a visa on a separate paper and not in your passport, and as well in the passport control in Israel to ask not to stemp your passport but a separate paper.
good luck.
The beat advice I can give you is to be in touch with the Israeli embassy in your country. You can do it now and better ask again when your traveling date is close.
Governmental regulations can be changed according to the political situation. Wish you a wonderful visit in Israel.
hi, im not sure about the answer, but if i remember correctly,if you come to israel what you can do is simply ask the customs agent not to stamp your passport, or to give you a stamp but on a sepret slip, that way it dose not show you enterd Israel,another option would be to finish your trip in Israel, you can always fly through Jordan, and than just cross the border
the best answer and you got it is to contact the ebassity
Hello Nikita,
when you are in Israel at the Airport ask not to stamp your passaport (it is possible) and no other countries will no taht you where here.
Thanks, Shmuel levy
While entering Israel ask the lady of imegration to stamp a blanck paper and add it to your pasport. While living the country you could take it out.
This is done by a lot of business visitors to Israel whom i dealing with and it's actualy a legal act with no issue at imegration.

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