Why are fish & chips not served with white vinegar in Singapore?


Country: Singapore


Singaporeans prefer tartar and chilli or tomato sauce with their fish and chips. Vinegar is not a common accompaniment. Some places which might want to project a more "traditional" or British image might serve it with the more traditional malt vinegar which is brown, not white. White vinegar is almost never served with the dish.
When I was a boy growing up during the British colonial days & in the early independence days, we still had a moving kitchen selling Fish&Chips during lunch /afternoons within the estates where the British forces are housed,eg.Serangoon Gardens.
The huge van will roll slowly through our homes & there's a huge bell that they'll 'DingDongDingDong' to announce their wares of the most delicious & cheap lunch of freshly fried Fish&Chips.They'd have catchup,salt,pepper & white vinegar at self service.
The last few times I visited London & had quite a few Fish&Chips in many of the street side shops,white vinegar is also on every table.
Thus my taste for Fish&Chips is deeply enhanced with the idea that Fish&Chips cums with white vinegar.Sorry,maybe my impression has been quite out of date.
& I'd have to agree that Singaporean palate has been to chili sauce &/or tartar sauce with this dish. Nevertheless , if anyone finds a fish&chip shop/stall/restaurant served with white vinegar,pl shout :=} .
I did had one @ Warren G & CC, but U'd need to ask for the white vinegar . & it does enhanced the dish 8-) . Cheers !!!
Basically Singaporeans have a love for spicy taste, therefore we dip in chilly sauce or Tartar sauce or just plain Mayonnaise. Vinegar is seldom serve with this dish even in 5 star hotels. For those who do not take chilly well, Tomato ketchup is another alternative.
In place of vinegar, I think they serve it with a slice of lemon at some places

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