Wich is the best place to visit if you are single in Singapore?


Country: Singapore


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Singapore has many great 'watering holes' & 1 of them is most suitable for singles.
We'd call it 'Most Famous Chicken Farm' ;-} .It's listed as Geylang ,
Menu includes frequent social visitors,with negotiable time/s & costs.

There's another midnite spot, viz. Changi village.
This for more specials that includes the 'trans.' ;removed from old Bugis street.Some of them have 'brothers' in Bangkok too ... hehehe ;-} .

But we've another world famous party animal : ZOUK ; nightly packed to it's top.
St.James Power Station will be another must .

These are places for prowling .

For more paying & blatantly famous too : Orchard Tower= 6 floors of clubs,clubs & more clubs.

Club Street,Kabuki & TianAnMen also houses fantastic hostesses & hosts to give the best companionship to all singles too :-} .
Enjoy 8-)
Well it depends on what you want to expect at the end of it...

You could hit the pubs at Chijmes or Clarke Quay which offers live band music and great crowd.

Clubs like Zouk, SupperClub and St James are one the best few in Singapore. Everyone there are just friendly so you wont be all alone.

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