Does anyone know about Mara Plains Camp in Olare Orok Conservancy? I need to contact them and possibly make a booking. Who manages the...


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Contact Rekero Tented Camp in Maasai Mara. they might be of help. u can visit their page at
I've do not know of any camp called "Mara Plains Camp". The only camp I know of in Olare Orok Conservancy is Lion Porini camp, run by GameWatchers Safaris.
You can visit their website:
You can make a booking, and get good rates through African Encounter. Email me at
hi. have found your question and after doing alot of research i couldnt manage to get 'MARA PLAINS CAMP' but found Olare Orok Conservancy which is not an indipendent body. it is under masai mara's management, which is also under the management of Narok County Coucil.For any bookings you want to make, just make it throug masai mara's.
all the best pal
Porini Ecotourism owns the place but you can get there via these company
Gamewatchers Safaris Ltd -
PO Box 388 -
00621, Village Market, Nairobi, Kenya
Telephones: +254 [0]20 7123129, 7122504, 7121851 - Fax: +254 [0]20 7120864
Mobile phones: +254 [0]722 509200, +254 [0]735 339209
Hi. There is Northern Plains Mara Camp which is a seasonal Camp in the heart of Masai Mara.Their number is 020 4348280.
There are also may camps in Masai Mara to choose from ranging from low budget to luxury.

Incase you want more info, my contacts are or
May be Kicheche Camp which is seasonal or Porin Lion Camp
I've just had a revelation.
There is one camp called Riverside Camp within the Olare Orok Conservancy. It is a low budget camp just next to the Talek Gate, on the Talek river.
They have an area for camping, or you can stay in their self catering bandas. There is also a bar and restaurant.
Check out their website:
sorry, Riverside camp is near Olare Orok, but not inside it.
The other camp inside the conservancy is called Film Safaris Camp.
The Kicheche Camp Sophie is referring to is Kicheche Bush Camp. There is a Kicheche Mara camp in Koiyaki reserve.
May be Kicheche Camp which is seasonal or Porin Lion Camp
have you had any luck in the above...may be i can help! email me on
sorry can't think of any place in the mara that goes by that name.
Hi please call Safaricom Directory Services.All the best

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