Anyone knows 'bout Chau Doc - An Giang province? I want to hire a guide to visit the floating village and a local family that produces... Vietnamese speaking.


Country: Vietnam


Hi Chau,
There are many, many floating villages along the Mekong River near & downstream from Chau Doc. Which one do you want to visit?

You should understand that I do not know of any families who produce their own Nước mắm anymore. I may be wrong, but Fish-sauce seems to be produced in factories nowadays.
If you speak vietnamese, just take the Mai Linh bus by yourself to move around that place. It's safe and has lovely people there. Fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hi Chau Do .... my hometown is Chau Doc-An giang.I can take you go anywhere you like. even Phu Quoc island and more
please contact me my friend :
cell phone : (+84) 01234543022
I'm in the North, any chance you come up here, let me know. We go out for Bia Hoi.
Having fun!
If you can speak Vietnamese, everything will be very easy. Just ask a " Xe Om" or a taxi driver to take you to the place you want to see.Enjoy your time there! If you come to the north of Vietnam. See my website
Along the mekong there are alot of floating village, but if you're in the chaudoc town itself should go to the Basa pier and from there you can hire a boat and a guide there too, or you can pop into a travel agent in chau doc there are a few there, mekong tour agency.. I don't think any clocal family produce fish sauce at home any more, they all do it in the factories. hope you enjoy your times in chau doc
Tks everyone, but seems like i didn't make myself clear. I can go by myself, but for some reasons, i need a guide, and please don't talk me out of it. And i really need a local one who understands the area inside out. I know that fish-sauce is produced in factories these days, but they're still factories run by families, am i right? Like "Bà giáo Khoẻ" or other famous names. Can anyone take me to visit a family-factory like that?
just come to De Tham str in Ho Chi Minh city and buy a tour to the Mekong delta. It will get you to most of the places and of course the floating village. It's worth trying a 3-4 days there I think
I don't know much about that area. Have a good time!
There are many tours that you can book in the agency or if you like a private guider i can also recommend you some. A trip for 2 days, you will enjoy the floating market and fish-sauce and also the "mam chung" which is a specialty of Chau Doc province

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