which restaurant and local place are good for us while living in Mui Ne?


Country: Vietnam


What do you mean "local place"? Hotels or Resorts? There are some good restaurants along Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street but most tourists choose Cay Bang Rest. It's a little crowded but the food is delicious. There's also a new big restaurant near Cay Bang called Big Man Beer. Another recommended is Ngoc Suong restaurant (it's the Mui Ne branch of the Ngoc Suong restaurants).
There are alot of places around Muine are pretty good, depend on where you're staying tho, if you're staying near the fishing village things there quite cheap hence it away from all the resort and hotel! but if you're located right in the center of the hotel and resort along Nguyen Dinh chieu street there are plenty, a local place for me good be Cay Bang restaurant but pretty busy, or Ba Sau restaurant also nice
Good luck
- Luno Autumno - 51A Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Ham Tien, Phan Thiet. T: (062) 847 591. Daily 09:00-22:00
- Good Morning Vietnam - Km11, Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Ham Tien, Phan Thiet. T: (062) 847 585. Daily 10:00-22:00.
- Hot Rock - Km 12.5, opposite Bien Xanh and Small Garden Resorts. Daily 08:30-24:00
- Shree Ganesh - 57 Nguyen Dinh Chieu St, Ham Tien, Phan Thiet. T: (062) 741 330. Daily 11:00-22:30.
- Bamboo Bamboo - 81B Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Ham Thien, Phan Thiet. T: (062) 847702. Daily 08:00-23:00.
- Lam Ton - 92 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Ham Tien, Phan Thiet. T: (062) 847 598. Daily: 07:00-23:00.
- Golden Sand Saloon Resort - 81BIS Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Ham Tien, Phan Thiet. T: (062) 741 277. Daily 06:00-24:00

They are all good!
Hi Uyen,
It really depends upon what you want: a true "taste" of Mui Ne, or the "foreigner" experience! I much, much prefer staying away from the "foreigner strip" and going up into the village itself. The locals sell some amazing food for VN visitors that very few foreigners ever bother to explore!
In Mui Ne, if you go into the fishing village away from the resorts you will get the true taste of the region and save a lot of money. Some of the fresh seafood along the main area in the resort zone is worth trying though. You can also go into Phan Thiet for more authentic Vietnamese eating.
Hi there,
Food: Lam Tong Quan 92 Nguyen Dinh Chieu (great Vietnamese food, Vietnamese price) & Luno D'autumn (great Italian salad and pizzas), Sailing Club Resort (great snacks in the afternoon, great wine before dinner), Joe's Cafe Mui Ne 139B Nguyen Dinh Chieu (great pancakes)
Room: Bao Quynh Bungalow () - 29-50 USD; Blue Ocean or Sailing Club Resort - 70 USD; Shades Apartments (luxurious apartments) - around 200 USD per night, great for groups, big family or weddings.
Hope this helps,
Many people said Mui Ne is a very nice place. Hopefully I can come there one day to see how it is.
i will try find out these recommended interesting place. Thank you for your advices friends

this is a very helpful website about retaurants in Muine

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