Best tourist places in australia?

We are planning to visit Australia in Feb,want to know which cities to go to,what to see there,where to stay and how to travel.Pls help.


Country: Australia


Hi Karen. Well in relation to your question it would depend on where you are flying into and where is your departure city for your visit. It would also depend on your time limit. All the cities have different interest points and if you told me the type of things you would like to see I can help you so you will not waste your time.
A consderation may be if you fly into Cairns than fly out of Sydney/Melbourne or vise versa you can cover the majority in between these points.You have the option of getting bus or rail passes that allow you to stop off at different points of interest. There are some very cheap flights that you can also buy through the domestic airlines that can take you to various places or if you want to drive and find things yourself depend on where you are now living you might find it a bit tiresome as Australia is a very large place and can use up alot of your time.If you reply to this I will help you further.
Australia is a very large continent, so it depends if you want to travel around all of it or start from the a particular coast. The East Coast, Sydney, Melbourne etc, or the West Coast, Perth.
Starting with the West Coast, I am a little biased because I live here (from NZ)This is a very vast state, one third of the entire country, so you get pretty much everything in Western Australia. You have the City and its attractions, the Indigenos history,fabulous wineries, (amazing!!)An absolutely beautiful coast line that goes for hundreds of kilometers. However saying this the Eastern States offer some excellent attractions also and everything is so close. Confirm if you are travelling the entire country or one Coast and then we can give you some detailed information.
Hi Karen,
As has already been indicated, your holiday trip depends a lot on your point of entry into Australia - and how long you plan to be here.

The cities are interesting and each has its own character and points of interest.

However, we have several world heritage listed sites in Australia, so I would recommend that at least some of these should be included into your tour.

These include: The Great Barrier Reef, in Queensland, The Sydney Opera House in New South Wales, Uluru in Northern Territory and the Old Age Forests in both Tasmania and Western Australia.

Where to stay? Backpackers are cheap, clean and all over the continent.

How to travel:? Get a Greyhound Aussie Pass, which allows you to travel around Australia, with unlimited stops, as you decide your itinerary.

If you need more information, please let me know. I would be happy to help.

Remember in Australia, February is the middle of summer. It is HOT!
HI . . . thanks for the question

as per my previous fellow Aussies have said - we have an lot to offer you and it all does depend on your exit / entry point into and from Australia and the length of stay - February depending on where you enter and exit from is the Wet Season for top part of Australia and extremely hot and for the bottom half of Australia it is the End of Summer but still quite warm in some cases except in Melbourne when we Usually get our Summer in March !!

but we do do indeed have a lot to offer you - your best bet though truly if you do not wish to spend endless hours on a bus is via plane and rental car and when in a city ( no hire car ) the use of local tourist bus services etc

some points of interest that may take your fancy are indeed Uluru ( formally knowsn as Ayers Rock ) as well as Kata Jtuta and King's Canyon, and Devil's Marbles and the Standly Gorge and Katherine Gorge, and Alice Spring's and Flynn's grave, and Darwin harbour where you can hand feed the fish every night and these wonderful things can be found in the Northern Territory ( I'm biased more towards NT and WA ( even though I haven't been to WA ) becuase of their natural beauty and have lived in the NT for 10 years and now live in Melbourne Victoria which has it's own natural wonders like the Great Ocean road and the 12 Apostles, and Bucchan Caves and Phillip Island and Wilson's Promitory and lakes Entrance and 90 Mile Beach and the Grampians not to forget Echuca as well . . somuch to see and do and so little time to enjoy them all . . but with smart budgeting and accommodations and the right time frame you can fit them all in

if I can be of any further assistance to you please do not hesitate to ask me

Kind and sincerest regards

Hi Karen,

I won't repeat what's already been said my as they all raise valid points and are so true.

However, would also like to suggest you consider what kind of holiday you would like. If you want a break from the "tourist route" it would be a great idea if you tried to hook up with some locals. For example, here in Adelaide (obviously where I live) we have a real mix of big city/county experiences/toursist things to do. We also have a network of people who are happy to meet up with tourists and take them out for the day doing some things the locals do. This can range from a simple picnic on the beach (afterall Feb is peak of our summer) to a day out with the family.

Of course, like everywhere, a lot will depend on who you are travelling with. While there are such a lot of things to see and do, you will need to pick the most appropriate for your circumstances. For example, I really wouldn't want to drive for a long distance with 2 small children. So once you have more of an idea of who is coming and what your particlar interests are, please let us know and we all will be more than happy to help.

Hi Karen,

Well, as you can see - ask an Aussie about the best tourist places in Australia, and you are going to get a wide variety of responses! We all have our favourites, and we all love the opportunity to share them with the world!

Truth is, wherever you go, there are going to be interesting things to see and do. The ruggedness of Australia's Outback. The Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge. The scenic beauty of Victoria's Great Ocean Road. The lush tropical rainforests and Great Barrier Reef. Australia's holiday playground, The Gold Coast and Surfers Paradise. The Big Banana at Coffs Harbour. There's just too much to mention!

Honestly? You could spend a couple of years here, and still not get to see and experience everything. So the best thing is to plan. Australia is a wide big land, and you are not going to see everything. So organise yourself - where are you going to be flying to? What is your budget? How much time do you have? What do you REALLY want to see and experience?

Certainly, the bus passes mentioned are a good idea, but travelling long distances can chew up quite a bit of time if you only have limited amounts. For example, a bus from Sydney to the Gold Coast will take you around 10-12 hours. Flying is 1 hour 20 mins.

Airlines have in the past offered airpasses as a part of their international fare, which allows you to stop in multiple cities whilst in Australia. If you are doing this, a popular triad of cities could be Sydney -> Uluru or Alice Springs -> Cairns, which can combine with a "Reef and Rock" type package giving you a great combination of experiences starting off with the sights and sounds of Sydney, then contrasted with the outback experience at Uluru & Alice Springs, and then checking out the spectacular Great Barrier Reef and Rainforest in Cairns (although as stated, February is summer, and is "wet" season in Australia's North). You could even add on flights to Brisbane, and make your way down to the Gold Coast to experience one of Australia's favourite holiday spots.

I hope this helps a little. Bottom line is to plan what you want to do and see whilst here. You are not going to be able to do everything, so do a bit of research, prioritise and start to get a rough itinerary together.

As a part of that research, you could check out (which is put together by tourism Australia), or (which is our own guide to Australia - it's a little bit clunky, but I'm working hard on a completely new version hopefully soon).

In the meantime, any questions, message me - I am more than happy to help out where I can!

Kind regards,

Matt Halloran
personal travel manager
Whenever we talk about famous tourists destinations Australia always come first in our mind. The only reason is that Australia has varied eye pleasing spots in its different parts like – Sydney, Perth, Cairns and others. All these places are full with adventure, fun and joy so why people should not prefer Australia.

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