Do you have any recommendations for a decent place to stay in Peru?


Country: Peru


depends which part your in and what ur budget is.. any more info so i can help you?
There are many decent places around Peru, wich city do you plan to visit?
Depends what you call decent and what you are looking for. In Cusco we can set you up with a local family if you wish, or help you find friendly hotels from 1* to 5*****
Good luck.
My place!
Mont Blanc Gran Hotel.
You shouldn't just visit Machu Picchu or Cusco, you should also go to Puno, visit Lake Titikaka. I can recommend you lots of stuff over there.
Hey. There are a lot fo decent places to stay in Peru. If you're going to Lima, try to stay at a hotel in Centro Histórico (you can get one very decent for about 12-20 dollars) or in Miraflores (which is more expensive). If you're going to centro historico, you'll be able to see a lot of culture and classical arquitecture. However, in Miraflores you won't see that so often. You'll probably end up having breakfast at Starbucks... lol. I do not work in a travel agency, so I',m not selling any offers. I will gladly answer all of your questions if you email me at:
Yes there are a lot decent places to stay in Peru, it depends how much money you are able to spend
Do have you any town in mind? I can name some places in Tacna, Arequipa, Cusco and Lima. If Cusco is your destination, go to Hospedaje Familiar Gabriela.It's a clean and family - run accomodation in a middle class neighbourhood just 5 minutes away from downtown Cusco. Here's the website:
In Tacna I do recommend you Plaza Hotel Tacna (052)422-101
Most places outside Lima are three - stars rated in average. In Lima there are plenty of places to choose. If you seek a colourful experience, go to Hotel Europa, at downtown Lima.
Hello hello GUADALIPE B.
Of course Peru has a thousand of decent places.
for example you can book at Marriot hotel in miraflores, or the Hilton hotel in Nasca, or in cusco are hundred too as a Monasterio hotel all of then are 5 stars.
And you can find too for around 100 dolars by nigth.
hotel in lima cusco, and all Peru, just depent how much you want to pay it for.
In my city you can find for 20 dolars clean, nice, confortable, tv, hot water, centrum, safe hotel. so dont worried Peru has all what you need and all what you want.

Good luck.
Mrs Guadalupe.

Well i can give you
Yes there is a new hotel, tell them I am sending you and will give you the rate for US30 with buffet breakfast included in a double bed, you will be in a nice place, this is called Palmetto Hotel, minimalistic and very nice, and for a price is a bargain. Of course bathroom inside. If I have to redecorate my room that is the way I would do it !
the number si (511) 225-3898/225-3886 Ask for Charles Fonseca and tell him I am sending you . Have fun !
what means decent, , if you wish a decent place (?) I recommend the Marriot this a really decent place.
Hi... Yes I recomemend to stay in MIRAFLORES, this is residencial and comercial place. In this area you can find the best restaurante, shopping center, hotels, everything. I can help you to find a Hotel, because I work in a travel agency, in MIRAFLORES, and I have differente option, from hotels, tours all included. If you want a personal information, my work addres is: . My name is Lesly
depends what you want, Lima or other cities, email me to get quotes
Best place for staying... 2 choices, Miraflores and Barranco. Hostels in Barranco are cheaper than in Miraflores, and its a traditional artists & bohemian area, just 10 minutes form Miraflores. Wouldn't recommend to stay in the old center of Lima; of course is the cheapest choice but its also risky. If you want to visit the old center then you can do it in a half day tour, that's enuff for it!
it is very hard to define 'decency' parameters, being them always subjective.....though trying to be of some help, it will be fair to say that in Lima, Cuzco,Trujillo,Arequipa and Piura, the finer hotels are of international quality, on other areas though it might be a bit harder and I will recomend to find in advance if there is any suitable lodging around
A great place is about to open its doors at the beautiful Sacret Valley which is in the middle of most turistical sites such as Machupicchu, Pisac, Ollantaytambo, Maras, Cusco city, I could put together affordable tours for you staying at Rio Sagrado Hotel.
there are many international hotel chains in lima> marriot, sheraton, hilton doubletree, so if visiting lima that will be the smarter choise, if going to cuzco or else, you will have to stop in lima first, giving any of those hotels the chance to reccomend what best suits you wherever you go
Well, If you are planning visit Arequipa, I'll recommend you La casa de Tin Tin, is a nice and safe place to stay no cheap neither expensive.
let me know about your budget , email me , there are many places around Peru.

or check our web


Jose Antonio
If you are looking for a hotel "Hotel Santa Cruz" in Miraflores (Lima) is a good choice.
Depends what city will you visit, I recommend you visit this link is a good and cheap choice, and you have this hostel in Lima, Cuzco and Mancora.
if you came to lima you can stay in miraflores or san isidro, are the most cool places in lima, if you go to cusco you can stay in san blas, if you go to mancora you can stay in pecas hostel
Just contact Philippe and Melanie on my behalf at in Cusco. Their place is a very decent one in the most beautiful pedestrian street of Cusco, which is ... the best place to stay in Peru, the really best, forget the rest ;-)
Peru is a big place with many nice places to stay. If you're going to Iquitos, I recommend La Casona, right near the Plaza de Armas. It's quiet, has a kitchen to use, and has a very friendly and helpful staff.
If you have to decide where will you wanna go: the coast, highlands or the jungle? I could recommend some good and cheap places in the jungle.
Hi, if you´re planning to stay in Cuzco in November, you must know that the raining season just starts that month auntil March. About places to stay, there are a lot in Cusco, different prices and categories, if you´re coming with an agency .. they´ll definetely bring you the Hotels prices, and names.. but I have to tell you that Cusco is an expensive place....... but that you´ll nver regret going there,,, and live that experience.. thanks for thinking in Peru.. Blesses..
Starting at about 17 dllrs for a single room with a king size bed in barranco nice clean near tourist atraction and the beach or about 20 dllrs with ocean view in miraflores this are hostals were I have stayed and know them
really funny if u have money u have the best places hotel 5 stars etc , etc etc search in google about peru
If you are planning to stay at Lima, try to look between 3 and 4 stars hotels, most part of them are in the Lima's center. Also, if you are interested to travel to Cuzco, I'm sure here we have many localyters who can give you a plenty of information about that! Planning to stay at Lima? Just contact me!
let us know as of your budget and places you will need to stay at, and I will answer without delay
it depends on your budget and what are you looking for. Here you could fine 1 and5-star hotel. Hostel, Backpacker hostels, family accomodations.
Miraflores and Barranco is a nice place for tourist,i sure recommend you those two places,good luck!
Hello there Guadalupe:
The asnwer will be to wide for your question, first off what do you mind by decent second how much is your budget and third where would you like to be. based on that you can make your question again or start to make a new research. Peru is a place that you can go and find places with prices for example a hotel from 10U$ to 500U$ which one would you like to take now it depends location, infrastructure, service...........

good luck!
We have 2 furnished studio apartments we rent out in Cusco in the San Pedro district. Come by and see them Calle Nueva Baja 560. Good luck.

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