Sightseeing in Bangladesh?

Hi,Which are the best places to visit in Bangladesh? I'm going to take a holiday there. Have you visited Bangladesh? Can you give a rough itinerary of best tourist attractions for a 5-6 days visit/


Country: Bangladesh


6 days, hmmm, here's a plan that you might love:

1 night's bus journey to Bandarban, a whole day up on the Neelgiri [in Bandarban, one of the hill districts of BD] the highest point of Bangladesh that you can reach by 4WDs. Clouds will touch you and you can spend a night over there in the perfect wilderness.

The next day you can leave for Cox's Bazar, the longest unbroken sea beach of the world. Swim a little, watch the sunset, take a beach ride and stay the night and then you can take a trip to Teknaf [Southern tip of BD] and leave for the fascinating coral island St. Martins and stay over for that day and night undisturbed.

Leave for Teknaf the next day and without a stopover at Cox's Bazar you can take up a flight to Dhaka, 45 minutes and you can plan it to connect to your flight back home or your next destination.

You would still have some time left to see the University of Dhaka, the melting pot of student revolutions, watch the *Shahid Minar* built on the memory of the valiant souls who gave their life away for Bangla Language, for which the International Language Day is on 21st February. You can watch the British colonial architecture The Curzon Hall, and hope that would cover your whole 6 days.

Total Package: $1500

Bangladesh got lots of attractive places to visit. As you will stay only for 5 to 6 days, it would be convenient to travel any one from the following place including

1. Cox's Bazar, the beach and hilly area both in together and it,s perfect for 4 days trip. travel cost- Min- USD 200 to Max USD 400.

Location Details: It is located at a distance of 152 km. to the south of Chittagong, Cox's Bazar is the tourist capital of Bangladesh. Having the world's longest unbroken (120 km.) beach sloping gently down to the blue waters of the Bay of Bengal against the picturesque background of a chain of hill covered with deep green forests, Cox's Bazar is one of the most attractive tourist spots in the world. Miles of golden sands, towering cliffs surfing waves, rare conch shells, colorful pagodas, Buddhist temples and tribes, delightful seafood - these are specialties of Cox's Bazar.

2. Srimongol,is where the tea-estates are here in Bangladesh, in the Sylhet region, east of the country, very close to the Indian border. Got Best place for 2/3 days trip and you would never feel bore. Max cost is USD 200.

3. Sundarbans, the forest. Best for 6 days trip. Max cost- USD 200.

Location Details: Located at about 320km. West of Dhaka. Here in the south, spread over an area of about 6000 sq. km. of delta swamps along the coastal belt of Khulna is the biggest mangrove forest, Sundarbans (beautiful forest) - the home of the Royal Bengal Tiger. These dense mangrove forests are criss-crossed by a network of rivers and creeks. One find here tides flowing in two directions in the same creek and often tigers swimming across a river or huge crocodiles basking in the sun. Other wildlife in this region is cheetahs, spotted deer, monkeys, pythons, wild bears and hyenas.

I am from Bangladesh and have visited all over here. If you want, I might able to help you making ur travel plan b4 your arrival in Bangladesh.

Thank you.
If you take domestic flights then you can cover quite a lot since 6 days are still too short to get the whole picture of the country. Visiting the Sundarbans (largest mangrove forest shared with India) could use up all of your time and you would have to have more time to see other things.

At first you may go to, "Sundarban tour" Please visit my profile to more about Sundarban.

Then Your journey will be to Chittagong. The Foyez Lake tour. There is a big and beautiful lake and for passing night there is also have many kind of nice resorts are available.

Then you may go to Cox's Bazar. The largest sea beach in the world.
Next journey is Saint martin tour. This is a adventurous journey.

(For more details about Cox's Bazar n Saint martin please visit my profile.)

Special package are available.
Package price- $ 1250 / per person.
If u want to see the best travelling spot in Bangladesh u must go to Coxs Bazar then Inani beach then Saint martins........... U should go Bandar ban....... the hilly are beside coxbazaar....... tht is supeb........
On a 5-6 day trip, I would recommend going to Chittagong first. You can visit the war cemetery, Foy's Lake area, Patenga beach, Chittagong University, etc.,
The next day you can head for Bandarban for two days (watch the sunset from Chimbuk Hill and visit the Meghla lake next day)
From Bandarban you can drive on to Cox Bazar for another couple of days on the beach. On the way back to the capital, you can visit the Moynamati archeological site and museum in Comilla.
Upon returning to Dhaka, you can visit the Lalbacgh fort or the Ahsan Manzil (the Nawab's palace) or just spend a leisurely day of boating on the river.
Actually when you are planing to visit Bangladesh that is very important to make an itinerary.
You can visit largest mangrove forest SUNDARBAN which will take min 4 days three nights. But you will not enjoy this during rainy season which will started from Mid April to Mid August.
You can visit Hill Tracks where you will find lovely views of hills and lands with tropical forest.
You can visit Cox's bazar which is the largest sea beach in the world.
You can visit another Beach KUAGATA from where you can see sun rise and sun set both together which is a rare view from same place.
What else you need...You may have night life in city and may have good experience of hospitality.
Most important is travel cost which the cheapest one in the world.
In our country Many attractive place for visit, like cox'bazar, sunderbon, japlong, faeslec etc. Truly I want to call u that, I'm Bangladesi but I visit some of place, most place are unable to visit by mine. If you will come in Bangladesh I will give you sagesion to fairly visit my country. take care...all the best....
Hello Mr. Jimmy,
Welcome to Bangladesh. I’m Mostafa M. Hasan from Bangladesh. I would like to be your tour planner and guide in Bangladesh. I liked very much to travel and explore of natural beauties. What you like so much? There are ranges of site in Bangladesh which you can visit.
Cox’s Bazaar, it’s the world longest sea beach. An awesome sea beach Kuakata, where you can enjoy both of sun set and sun rise. SundorBans is the world largest mangrove forest, where you can see Royal Bengal Tiger and many other wild animals and natural beauties. Here also to be found a splendor sea beach. Sent Martin’s Island, it’s a very little but magnificence and remarkable island. Banderban, Rangamati or Khagrachory all are hill tracks area, where you can meet variety of aboriginal people and natural beauties. Laoua chora is a reserve forest, where you can see variety of animals and aboriginal people. You can also visit some ancient sites. Such like Pahar pur or Mohasthan gorh. These are very old Buddhist places. I can arrange everything for you if you want. I am offering to you a very reasonable price. It will be US $ 1000-1500. It depends on actually how and which places you want to go? If you want anymore information please mail me .
Thanks and regards
Mostafa M. Hasan
There are several places to visit:

1) Dhaka City - a very old city with many historic monuments.

2) Cox's Bazzar - the longest sea beach and one of the seven natural wonders

3) Sundarban - a large mangrove forest.

4) Chittagong & hill tracts

5) Sylhet and its adjoining areas
Dhaka-Cox's Bazar-St. Martin-Chittagong-Dhaka
(7 Days and 6 Nights)
Tour Itinerary:
Day1:Arrive Dhaka airport & transfer to hotel. If time permits half day city tour to Sadarghat River front, old Hindu temples, Lalbag Fort of Mughal Empire, Museum, Shahid Minar, Curzon Hall & the huge Parliament Building the finest architectural wonder of Louis I.Kahn. O/night Hotel.

Day2:After breakfast drive to Chittagong (268km) enroute visit the very rich archaeological sites of Mainamati Shalban Vihar of 7th century AD. Lunch at way side. Drive to Cox’s Bazar (154km), transfer to hotel / resort. Evening free and enjoy sunset on the beach. Overnight at hotel / resort.

Day3:Morning enjoy sunrise on the beach. After breakfast excursion to Moheskhali Islam / Sonadia Island crossing Bay channel by speed boat. Visit Hindu Temple, Buddhist Pagodas and Rakhain tribal villages. On return jeep ride to Himchori-Inani beach and enjoy beach activities. Visit Burmise and shell markets and have the dinner with sea fish at beach side restaurant.

Day4:Drive to Teknaf (110km) through the overwhelming scenic surrounding of forest, hills and valleys. Teknaf is an wonderful Eco-tourist spots located on the bank of panoramic Naf river bordering Myanmar. Board the coastal tourist vessel to cross the blue water of the Bay of Bengal (29km) bordering the Myanmar hill range. Transfer to hotel located near the virgin beach with the wonderful natural surroundings. Enjoy the beach, observe the living coral, shells and visit the Marine Parks and adjacent Cheradip noted for fish and marine life. To enjoy the moonlit night on the beach is a life time experience. Have a dinner with exciting Sea fish.

Day5:Enjoy the morning on the beach-Sunbathing-swimming-etc. After lunch return to Teknaf on the same tourist vessel. O/night Parjatan Motel.

Day6:After Breakfast drive to Chittagong, visit few spots and transfer to Chittagong Int’l airport for fly to Dhaka. Transfer to Hotel.

Day7:Free for shopping or sightseeing at Savar, national memorial for War of Independence and visit the Dhamrai Brass village. On way back visit the national Parliament, designed by famous Architect, Louis I. Kahn). Departure transfer to airport for onward designation.
As you can see lots of people have suggested you already with the places, well I would like to give you few tips in this regard, 6days is too short for the whole Bangladesh. The touristic spots are Cox's Bazar (must see), and Sundarban (Mangrove forest, must see), also you can do the hill tracks the tailend of himalaya. Cox's bazar and Hill tracks are within short distance however mangrove forest is quite far from there. Dhaka the capital city could be seen within a day tour. Should you need any assitance regarding this tour please let me know. I do arrange packages and modern furnished apartment (near the centre of the city, parliament), below some of the rates given:

Package 1:

day 1: city tour
day 2: Flight to Cox's bazar, sight seeing in Cox's bazar and surroundings area.
day 3 & 4: hilltracks tour
day 5: flight back to dhaka and a river cruise tour to ganges near dhaka
day 6: shopping and visiting local areas

Total cost : 1025 USD

day 1: city tour
day 2: GO to Sunderbon
day 3: Visit mangrove forest
day 4: coming back dhaka
day 5: archeological tour to Sonargoan and river cruise on Ganges
day 6 city tour and shopping in local area

Totoal cost: 875 USD

the price includes domestic air fare, hotel and apartment cost, breakfast, lunch and dinner and the everyday transportation cost.
Should you have any questions or if you need to alter your package please let me know. You can reach me at 88-01915153605 or at . Thank you.
Welcome to Bangladesh! There are definitly few places to visit in Bangladesh. These are Cox's Bazar (sea beach, south of Bangladesh and it takes 10 hours from Dhaka by coach), Saint Martin (it's 14 kilometers tiny coral island and it takes 3 hours from Cox's Bazar by cruise. but cruises usually don't operate after april ), Kuakata (another sea beach where you can see sun rise and sun set), the most important thing is we have a long rainy season which starts from mid april until mid september. Things are different in monsoon. We have a short winter which starts from november until february. The Sundarbans is one of the important tourist destinations (mangrove forest, south of Bangladesh, in the district of Patuakhali, takes 12 hours to get there from Dhaka). Wherever you go, any one of these places you need atleast one day to get there and one day to come back, means you can stay 2 or three days in a place. Besides, there are some historical places (both pre Brithish time and British period) all around Bangldesh. Finally, the people of this country is very helpful and full with hopitality. For more details you can contact me in my email address
First of all I would like to invite you for sightseeing our very natural & very beautiful country. I will suggest you some places for your your sightseeing.
# Dhaka City ( the capital & most ancient city of the country)
# Chittagong (port city, many beaches)
# Cox's Bazar ( the largest beach of the world)
# Tribal areas
# Saint Martin (a distinct island)
# Sunderban ( the biggest mangrove forest in the world)
These are enough for your 5-6 days trip.
Hope you will visit very recently and any further cooperation you can can contact with me my email id
DAy 1:Start with Dhaka City..Roam around the city new and old..from 9-9..Then if u have energy lets party whole night!!

Day 2: Lets go for Saint Martin--The coral island..U wouldn't find a better place in this world than this..the blue sea and the white clear sky..amazing views all around..Stay there for the night and the next day.. so the next is

Day 4: Coxs' need for description..
Day 5&6: To Rangamati and Bandarban..Green valleys and hills...back to Dhaka..and Goodbye my friend...See u in this rounded orange!!

Total Cost(including my fees): 1200-1500+500=1700-2000 USD

cox bazar, cent martin, kuaghata.... this 3 r sea side
banderbon, rangamati are hilly area
sunderbon is the forest
Its "Puthia Rajbari". This means former kings house. It is 250 km away from Dhaka. It can give 4-5 days fultime enjoyable. you can follow this
1st day: puthia Rajbari meant kings house
2nd day: the river padma( in the afternoon)
3rd day: Borendro research museum
4th day: Rajshahi zoo
5th day: Zia park, Rajshahi and 2nd Largest university of Bangladesh(university of Rajshahi)
In my unimaginable beautiful country, there is no scarcity of best places to visit. As you visit for 5-6 days, your first choice should be the unploughed longest sea beach Cox'sbazar. This magnificent beach will enlarge your mind and soul. You can stay here at least 2days.

The second choice should be Saint's Martin of neighbor of Cox'sbazar. This is the place where you can find the taste of all things that prevailed in a nice and still peaceful island. Also here you can visit our Quantum meditation resort to make your mind hypnotized and powerful.
There are also many valuable stones to buy. You can stay here for 8hours.

Then you can come to our second wounder of our land 'the dangerous beautiful' titled Sundarban. You can enjoy Royal Bengal Tiger's rambling and every other animal and bird's appearance. The tourism facilities of this place are best. You can continue here for 1-2 days.

Then you can come to Potenga sea beach. here uyou can find many species of tortoises. Here you can visit for 6hours.

Then you can visit to the spiritual paradise of bangladesh, Sylhet's Jaflong. Here ypu can watch the tea garden and besides this you can visit the reputed Shajalal mazar which is situated also in sylhet. You can stay here for 1 night.

At the last you can visit Dhaka University and the piramid shaped national Srityshoud which is situated in savar.
Hi Jimmy,
Hope u got so many options to enjoy ur holidays in Bangladesh.
Now its u who will decide the options to make the vacation with good memories.
You can select any destination;
1. Dhaka to Bandarban to Cox's Bazar to Teknaf to DHAKA
2. Dhaka to Sundarban to Dhaka
3. Dhaka to Sylhet to Dhaka to Sundarban to Dhaka
4. If u wanna like to enjoy the photography Tanguar Bill at Sylhet waiting with the migratory birds & Cox's Bazar for the natural beauty & the longest sandy beach

So, welcome to BANGLADESH. Have a nice trip ...

Dr. Monzur
for assistance: +8801711438093
The following is a possible itinerary:
- Day 1 All day Dhaka city sightseeing
- Day 2 Srimangal Tea garden, trekking in National forest ,visit tea garden, visit ethnic group village , stay overnight in Tea Resort.
- Day 3 Motor couches through Sylhet district than on to water fall, overnight stay in Sylhet.
- Day 4 Early morning flight to Cox’s bazaar (beach on Bay of Bengal). If time permitting Chittagong hill tract. overnight stay
- Day 5 Exploring Chittagong hill tract area. evening flight to Dhaka
Many place have to visit like cox's bazar , sentmartin , Sundorban, Ramsagore etc.I hope you will come and enjoy your holiday.
Day-1:Dhaka city visit.liberation war museum,5 segun bagicha.national museum,shahbagh,near PG hospital.jahanara imam memorial museum,355,elephant road,near eastern mollika shopping complex,ahsan manzil(pink palace)sadarghat,near buriganga river,lalbag fort,lalbagh area,dhakeswari temple,river cruise on buriganga river from sadarghat to munshigonj.

day-2 & 3:dhaka to khulna,by bus.from khulna to mongla by bus to visit sundarban,world largest mangrove day excursion trip by boat.return to mongla at 5 o clock,return to khulna by bus.from khulna to barisal by rocket and from barisal to chittagong by steamer.

day 4 to 6:in chittagong,patenga sea beach,cox's bazar sea beach,chittagong hill tracts by bus.return to dhaka by bus.
Hello There,

The best place to visit in Bangladesh are Dinajur,Netrokona,Bikrompur,,Nator & Kustia.If you want to visit Bangladesh for a week visit you'll cover those areas. Further information send mail :
I cn provide u a shortcut way 2 visit beautiful Bangladesh.
Day1 and 2 for Dhaka city(Capital)
Day 3,4,5 for Sylhet(The most beautiful place of Bangladesh)
Day 6 for ... anything u cn wish u cn do

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