I want to spent a day in Beijing what should I do and where do I must go for a trip and shopping?


Country: China


Today there are shops and stores scattered in every corner of Beijing. Beijing has over 10 famous shopping streets and markets including the Wangfujing, Dashilan and New Qianmen Street, Hongqiao Market, Silk Market, Panjiayuan Market, Beijing Curio City, Liulichang Antiques Street, Baoguosi Cultural Market, Yashow Clothing Market, Maliandao Tea Street, Xidan Shopping Area. They provide various kinds of goods that tourists in Beijing prefer to buy - ink sticks, writing brushes, paper and ink slabs, paintings, cloisonne, jade ware, bronzes and stone tablets with inscriptions, calligraphic works and handicrafts including dough figurines and more unique handicrafts and cultural relics full of Beijing flavor. For market and street shopping lovers, you have to be an active bargain shopper and the motto is buyer beware. For those shoppers reluctant to bargain, big shopping malls and departments are nice choices. Read some shopping excursion reviews and shopping tips before you are brave enough to deal with the smart vendors in Beijing!

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