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Kate, there are so many activities you can engage in as a local tourist. In fact the local tourism sector has never been better. If you are into animals, you can go to the Mara for the great Wilder beast migration at around July. There are also many animal parks in the country like the Aberdare National Park and the Nairobi National Park to name but a few.
Considering that the Easter is just around the corner, I would advise you to board a bus to Mombasa (or a flight) and book yourself (and your family) into a nice hotel. While there you will be overwhelmed by the beautiful beaches and culture diversity of our country. Happy Easter and Happy traveling.
Thank you for asking that question.In kenya there so many things you can enjoy some of them being;meeting different people and enjoying to learn about their cultures,visiting the national parks and game reserves,visiting the historical sites,the restaurants,lounges and camping sites.Enjoying the climatic changes which are very favourable and more to that u get a chance to taste the well cooked african dishes from different tribes in kenya.There are so many things you can enjoy apart from the few that i have mentioned.
I look forward to be your be your tour guide in this.Any question concerning this am willing to assist you.Thank you in advance.
Hey Kate you are right Easter is just around the corner all you need to do is to take a trip either to masai mara or seringeti. probably you can as well go camping in one of the nice resorts around the country. try out this for more information )
This depends on your personal likes & dislikes, your means of transportation and your budget. Rest assured though that you can enjoy local tourist activities without having to spend large sums of money - with a little creativity and flexibility the sky is the limit.
Why do not you go off the beaten track and really explore your own country. Do something really different for a change. If you are a city girl, go out camping in the bush. If you are living in the rural areas, visit a city for a change. If you hail from a mountaineous region, experience the Coast. If the Coast is your home, explore that other shore, the shores of Lake Victoria. If you have an office job, organise some active activity like walking, hiking, swimming or mountainbiking. The options are endless - as are the possible locations, as our country is a diamond yet undiscovered by many of its residents.
Safari njema!
HI, We are the forerunners in promoting local tourism to the Coast.
Coming Easter a 5- Days package to Malindi for Ksh 13.500,-- inclusive hotel, meals, snorkeling, party on a farm with drinks and lunch.
This is just the best way to relax.
But also time to visit Cultural Malindi , Vasco da Gama Pillar, The Malindi Museum, Portuguese Chapel and the old town with small shops and boutiques.
SUN & FUN in Malindi.
Look at our website :
or just call me : HANS - 0726-311555

You can also read my weekly column " people & places //with HANS" in The Standard, every Thursday in their supplement " Home and Away "
TODAY About visit from Chinese Junks to the Coast in the 14th Century.
national parks, museums,beaches, communities, forests, recreational parks were you serious??????
Catherine, local tourism is great. Kenya's tourism sector is now starting to realize the importance of local tourism, and are taking more and more steps toward encouraging it. This includes reduced prices for residents and citizens at lodges and hotels. But there are also places which have always been around for locals.
Personally, one of my favourites is Nyama choma tourism. Travel around the country and sample all the different choma joints, each with its own flare and style.
However, the national parks are also cheap for locals. And you don't have to stay at the posh lodges and hotels. KWS has self catering bandas in all the major parks, where one can stay very cheaply in comfort, with great access to wildlife and amazing scenery. My personal favourite is Bwatherongi cottages in Meru National Park.
The safari rally is also coming up this weekend, and makes for a great camping trip or day trip with the family.
The Safari Sevens rugby tournament is coming up in June at the KRFU grounds on Ngong Road.
I hope you find what you're looking for. Send me a message if you have any specific questions. Safari Njema!
Dear Catherine
There are so many tourism activities you can engage in as a domestic tourist, the good thing is that you will enjoy citizen rates which are lower that foreign tourists rates.

Depending on what you like and the amount of money you have to use you can engage in activities such as game drives in popular parks such as Maasai mara and Amboseli, beach holiday in popular beaches such as Diani, watamu and Kenyatta beach or boating in Lake Naivasha.

It will be prudent to consult a tour operator or travel agent who will give you options availlable and make the logistics for you.

Local tourism is great, you can go to masai mara, Lake nakuru national park, etc it all depends on your budget and your interests.
so cate didi you make up your mind cos easter is so near the corner
the activities you may require will be determined by your budget..there are so many i.e sightseeing,visiting game parks,swimming,watersports,mountainclimbing,and many others...all these will be determined by your budget and interests so if you would need more information please contact me.
Hi.Local tourism is fast growing. Depending on what type of activities you like, Mombasa has lots to offer from the beaches to the parks and night life, Also as a Kenyan you can get great discounts and deals from the hotels from after Easter holidays when its low season and tourists from around the world are not many in the country.
as a local tourist you can enjoy so many places for indepth details and booking please contact me on 0728873518
Kate, Am touched with your questions. As a local tourist, you have a wide variety of choices and this will highly depend on time, Interest and monie. I would suggest you try out an adventure tour to places you have never been. Take a Bus to Kisumu visit the Public beach and enjoy the Samaki. Drive to Naivasha. You can hire a bike from Kshs. 500 and ride at Hellgate National. In Nairobi you can take an afternoon over the weekend and visit Nairobi National park. It cost Kshs. 350 only for a 3 hours drive.. and many more. Just get intoch with me and start the fun
how much time do u have and where are you?
In Nairobi and half a day:- head to olepolos or Safariwalk, or Nairobi museum or Karen Primate research or Karen Blixen Museum or Go watch a play at Kenya National theatre, Alliance francais or Phoenix theatre.

NAirobi, fullday; hit the road to naivasha, nakuru, elementaita or Kilima mbogo, Lukenya, Lost (kiambu).

More than two day; go to mombasa, kisumu, kitale, nanyuki, nyeri malindi, lamu. when on ground ask me what to do and i will give you 5 options for each town.
As a local tourist their is vast of activities to engage on. I you have a family spoil them at Ostrich farm over the weekend. It is a Marvlous place to be. Ostrich Ride, Camel ride, face painting for kids, Ostrich ride name it. Spoil you self with lee than 2,000 per family and if overnighting it is from 3500 per person. More more information let me know on
If there is a sector that has not been fully utilized,its local tourism.There are so many activities like game watching,game drives,snorkeling,mountain climbing etc etc. Get in touch with us for more.Cheers
may be you could try to do some community work to help.
Hi, as a local tourist you can enjoy the following:
Game drives in the parks
Hiking excursions
Beach relaxation in Mombasa/Malindi/Lamu
For more information, plse feel free to contact me
Thank you for asking that question.
In kenya there so many things you can enjoy some of them being;
meeting different people and enjoying to learn about their cultures,
visiting the national parks and game reserves
visiting the historical sites,the restaurants,lounges and camping sites
Enjoying the climatic changes which are very favorable and more to that u get a chance to taste the well cooked African dishes from different tribes in Kenya
There are so many things you can enjoy. Moreover learning a new language,traditional rites these include marriage,circumcision.and many others

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