Thinking about renting a jeep a northern vietnam... I thought first of doing a motorbike tour, but as I have no experience and...

...would like some freedom, I'd be interested to hire a jeep with an experienced driver. - How much should I expect to pay per day for a russian or japanese jeep + driver? - I'm thinking of getting to the north east first (lao cai-sapa), can I find jeeps in good condition for rent +local guide over there for 1 to 5+ days? - What about authorizations for traveling thru Ha Giang province? - Anything else I should be aware of? Thanks in advance!


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Traveling to Northeast from Sapa, it's also a good way to do.
First, you travel to Lao Cai then you hop the tourist bus for 1 hour (38 km) journey to Sapa (you can buy bus ticket right at the entrance of the railway station)
Doing some trip around Sapa (2 days is enough)to hill tribe villages, Homestay is a good option to experience the local culture.
Then, you take 4 days trip to Northeast on a Japanese Landcruiser or Russian Jeep going to Bac Ha, Ha Giang, Cao Bang, Lang Son then back to Hanoi. You should plan the trip to Bac Ha on Sunday morning to see the Bac Ha hill tribe Market (hightlights of the trip)
For the authorizations for traveling thru Ha Giang province, you don't need to have that paper in advance - you get to any hotel in Ha Giang town, stay there, then ask the hotel to get the paper for you - it's cheaper and more convenient to you (cost~$12
Tour Guide $30/day.
Jeep $80/day
If you need more details info or a package tour to Sapa and Northeast. Contact me at
Wish you have a great holiday in Vietnam.
Tuan Linh Tourist company has jeeps/4-WD for hire in Lao Cai & Sapa.
With 100$ per day you can rent a 4WD with a driver much better than a jeep like an old Land Cruise with AC. Most of the jeep for rent in Vietnam are very old and without AC. It will be very hot in the summer time. More detail at
I have checked with local contacts in Ha Giang & there should be no problems with authorizations to travel through the province. The only issue flagged to me was registering with the local police for overnight accommodation.

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