What is the best thing against leaches who bite when trekking in jungles?


Country: Thailand


Leeches are only found in a rainforest. Leeches respond to vibration.
If a leech sucks on you, do not pull it off. Burn it or salt it off, as it can regurgitatesinto your wound and may cause infection, which you do not want under any circumstances in the jungle. Just use your thumbnail, or any other longish nail to very slowly push its sucker mouth away. The wound will bleed without pain because the leech releases anticoagulant and anesthesia. By the way, LEMON is a good leech repellent.
Although it is difficult for minor wound e.g. scratches or leech bite to get infected, it is always a good practice to disinfect the wound.
Hope that advise helps you?
Thank you very much Mr.Graham

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