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Is there a map that shows how far apart cities are and the conencting roadways?


Country: Jamaica


Not sure, but which two cities did you have in mind? I can give you an idea of say Negril>Montego Bay>Ocho Rios, or Ocho Rios>Kingston.
Most places won't take more than 3 hours to get to, its a fairly small island.
You can visit here to learn a little about the areas around Jamaica:
There is a road map sold by the SHELL petrol stations in Jamaica that is very good.
There are road maps that will show you detailed information as far as the major roads and other not so major ones, but as far as timing is concerned, for instance how long it takes to get from from city to the next, that is not available. However, most natives can tell you how long it takes from all major resort areas to for instance, restaurants, other communities or to other cities. As the other person had mentioned, the island is fairly small, so most longer journeys wont go over 3 hours.
You can find a map of Jamaica at Lonely Planet: . This can only give you an idea of the location of the towns and cities, as you would need a larger map to see the roads also. Let me know which towns and cities you want to visit and I can map a route.
Yes there is it can be purchased at any of the following location: Sangsters Book store; Oasis Petrol station or Shell Petrol stations.
Yes, we have road maps which can be obtained from any petrol station (Total, Texaco, Shell, National) or check @ the airport if the Jamaica Tourist Board rep. will be able to assist you.
Yes, you can get the Jamaican Roadmap from your reception desk at any hotel, if not, you can get it at any gas station in the country.
If you google road maps of Jamaica you will find one that shows the roads and areas of interest etc.
yes we have detail maps of the island and it gives the distant between all the major towns of jamaica.

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There are many road maps to Jamaica with distance charts. Though I will take you to the uncharted areas. Would you like me to send you a map?
YOu will find the most detailed and current map at the following URL

Sure there are several maps online you can even order one online. If you get to Jamaica most pharmacies and service stations have them on sale and of course you can visit any tourist office desk and get one.
Yes there is. You can purchase them at the service (gas) station. The Jamaica Tourist Board also has maps.
Yes you can get a road map from shell petrol station ,or any gas station service should sell them and it is also available at book stores as well
yes their his u can even pick one at the airport when you arrive.
Yes there is. The shell road map works very well for me.
When you arrive in Jamaica and you rent a car, this is the easiest place to get a map of Jamaica. These maps normally show the main towns (cities) and how to get around the major towns.
Please be advise, Jamaica is in a developing stage right now, and with new development, there are new roads and the old ones changes how to use them, for example, a two way street is now a one way. However, let me add, getting lost is almost impossible as the major towns have one main road and the roads leading off the main are short, thus it will be easy for you to re-trace your steps. This rule also applys to our captial city Kingston with some exception. I find travelling in Kingston is easier by taxi and from time to time, getting from one location to another is not close, and in our temperature, travelling by taxi is the best way to go.
Go online and visit Jamaica's Information Service Board or Tourist Guide to Jamaica wedsite, you will understand what I mean.
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you can find a collection of maps at
yes there is i have several of them contact me when you arive in Jamaica or when ever you are ready to travel
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YOu will find the most detailed and current map at the following URL


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