I can only take holiday in December and really want to come to Morocco, is this a good month to visit and explore the country?


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December is one of the coldest months in Morocco specially the Mountains, central Morocco & Desert is cold in the night!
anyway it's not really cold compares to Europe or Canada but it's good if you like travelling in the winter & if you don't care about weather as long as you're enjoying!
Beginning of December is nice as they are very few tourists, but then during the holidays it gets busy and crowded. During the day the temperature is perfect to explore around 20 C. At night and mornings it gets cold and you need some warm sweater or fleece jacket. I would say the coming to Morocco in December is probably better then in hot August when you get to hot to wander around. But for traveling around the country and walking around the souks, December is a good month to come. It is not good though if you would like to trek the Atlas Mountains as it is too cold to sleep in tents. All depends what you like to do.
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Although you will find it quieter, Morocco is "open all year round" for visitors. Agadir for example has a year round tourist trade - December through to March you will find a lot of Scandinavian visitors.

The weather in Morocco can vary quite widely between the north and the south, the coast and the mountains - so if you are travelling through Morocco you will experience a range of weather conditions. Wherever you go the weather is guaranteed to be better than it is in Europe in December.

In the south the days will still be warm (Scottish summer if that means anything to you) though the nights will be chilly. Marrakesh can be quite cold at night so a warm jacket will be useful. The rainy season does not really start till January-February.

Let me know if you have any specific questions
December is a good month to come to Morocco - the days can still be sunny but the nights are colder, but no problem with the right clothing. Is also quiet, so perfect if you enjoy calm - it gets very busy around the Christmas/New Year season.
It also depends which part of the country you wish to visit - the desert is wonderful in winter with the most amazing starry skies at night and the south is a little warmer than the north.
Contact me on if you wish - I organise excursions and tours and day trips and have driven much of this country with customers as I used to be a 4x4 chauffeur and I know it well.
hello yes in decembre is good tim for visitin morocco only in jolay and ogost is defeclt bicous is very hot bat decembre is good tim so welcome te morocco and f u want mor information worm welcome contacte me at my privat email or visit aour websit
You will enjoy any time here, and December is high season specially when Christmas arrive..
At the beginning maybe is the Film Festival and becomes a busy city. If you don't come on those dates don't worry because there is allways people and thing s to do here.
It's true that is cold, but don't panic, temperatures are about 18-20 during the day (or more), and never going down 0 at night !

have a look at , you will see that not everything is like in the Old town (Medina) is good to see the contrast in Marrakech of the new and the Old.. : )

You will enjoy it for sure !
Yeah it's so good
The Moroccan climate varies according to season and region. The coast has a warm, Mediterranean climate tempered on the eastern coast by southwest trade winds. Inland areas have a hotter, drier, continental climate. In the south of the country, the weather is very hot and dry throughout most of the year, though temperatures can drop dramatically at night, especially in the months of December and January
Hi Web.

All is said by the other localyte members.
Pleasant during the day. a bit cold at night. not really rainy.
What i can add is : Could be funny to go skying at Oukaimeden ski station (80 km from Marrakech) and eatins fresh strawberries when you're back home.
Hope you will enjoy your stay.
Bernard -
Do you like the cold? In the mountains you can have it. You can find snow and also do sky. Is one of the good sports you can do in the winter :-)
IN the desert you can find good temperatures during the day and a nice cold in the evening that allows you to profit the romantic ambience of a nice fire.
December is the best time to visit Morocco you can go to Agadir 500km from Casablanca and have a sunny nice weather around 22° you can swim and on your way back to Casablanca you can go to Oukaimeden have snow it s about 70 km from Marrakech.Marrakech is half way between Casablanca and Agadir and a lot of other places to visit
very good month to come and visit morocco 20 degrees and it s one of the best time to visit the south.

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