hey sweet Chinese i want to visit china next summer so would u mind tell me about the political problems that go around your...

...area. thanks


Country: China


Not much.The Chinese government seems nice towards people from abroad.But somewhere in China is hard to enter at the moment ,like Tibet--because the overstate reports are often represented by some western countries.I don't know if I catch your meaning correctly , what do you mean by "political problems"?
none that i faced when i visited china, may be due to the fact that i have our own office.
But generally speaking its not a problem. yes indians (vegitarians have a big problem for food)
Hello, how are you,.... I am also a foreigner here in China... I am happy to informed you that their is no political problem in China at all........ They practise community system of
Govertment.... so for the Political problem it is Good answer to here that......

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