What is best beach and best hotel in Dominican Republic?


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All of the beaches are beautiful here. Some are more rocky than others - Cabarete is known for kite surfing because of the high winds but if you are looking for a pristine untouched beach look to uvero alto near punta cana and also las terranas near samana. The best hotels are again what your preferences are - check out Hope this helps and happy travels!!
Hello my friend the best beach in Dominican Republic right now is Bavaro, Punta Cana and the best hotel is Paradisus Palma Real In Bavaro and cap cana in Punta Cana. the two are very expensive but in this area there is a lot of resorts and hotels. check this link and
as a local, I can tell you because I live in north of the country, one of the best local beaches, wish is good for a good deep and the prices are really good, is Playa Charamicos, Sosua. And if you wanna keep going on the same day go in the afternoon to Cabarete, where you going to have one of the most beautiful sunset, and a great ambiance with all the small bar in beach. Is a good option because is not expensive and is really accessible if you came by Santiago or Puerto Plata Airport.
I would have to honestly say that the beaches in the Bavaro, Punta cana area are the best. Clean, beautiful, And relaxing all in one. The hotels run from different price ranges. Their are cheap or in-expesive ones, to places where one can pay their monthly rent with what it costs to spend just one night. Paradisus Palma Real is nice, Eden-H is easy on the pocket. Dreams is beautiful, but for some it is just a little too steep on their rates. It all boils down to what you are looking for in a resort.
THE best beach in Dominican Republic is a secret that only fesw know: Punta Rusia, North Coast. Look in Google map to find it.
the best hotel depends what you are looking for: activities or peace, crowded place or lonely, all inclusive or someone that will pamper you and cook and prepare just for you, etc. if you want to discover the country, stay in a little hotel and eat where people eat. If all inclusive is your style, choose a big hotel.
THE best beach in Dominican Republic is a secret that only fesw know: Punta Rusia, North Coast. Look in Google map to find it.
the best hotel depends what you are looking for: activities or peace, crowded place or lonely, all inclusive or someone that will pamper you and cook and prepare just for you, etc. if you want to discover the country, stay in a little hotel and eat where people eat. If all inclusive is your style, choose a big hotel.
It all depends, The beaches from the north of the country are gorgeous and are great if you are in a romantic trip.
The beaches in the South of the country are great but they are too far from what i can call turistic area, and trip is also really long.
The beaches from the East part of the country are the best one in the caribbean, you have a big variety and also is the best turistic area of the country, you can start from Boca Chica, which is also know the caribbean best kept secret, is the largest reef protected bay in the Caribbean, the nightlife capital of the Caribbean, and a beautiful beach town, and also the closest one to the Capital Santo Domingo, and has a great variety of hotels, from which can vary from 80$ per night to 150$.
Juan Dolio its neighbor beach town Guayacanes are for those who seek a couples or family restful vacation but like being able to take many excursions, it also has great choices of hotels, which i myself recommend Costa Caribe by Hilton, which is great if you're looking for a fun time with family and couple it also has a great price and 5 star services!

Bayahibe Beaches are laid back and peaceful. True, many hotels have popped up along the coast, but Bayahibe is graced with tiny islands that host an ecological haven.
Two main wildlife preserves, Catalina and Saona, are easily accessible from Bayahibe. Any hotel can help you with transportation. Some scientists still call the nearby Eastern National Park their temporary home as they continue to be thrilled by remnants of the ancient Taino civilization.

and theres Punta Cana area, the East Coast beach strip is one of the best choices for those seeking the perfect beach and R&R (rest and relaxation) or golf vacation. Punta Cana is that perfect place for a honeymoon – first or second. which is known for the Best Hotels in the country as is the Palma Real wich price can go from 200$ per night to 2,000$, but the service the give you is totally worht it.
Well it depends what you are looking for. What is best for some people might not be the best for others. If you like surfing, windsurfing and kiting, then Cabarete beach is the best. If you like partying on the beach, there is no better beach then Cabarete. If you like untouched beaches where not too many people go, then go to Punta Russia. If you like about 35 km long strip of nice clean beach with resorts and thousands of people in them, then Punta Cana/Bavaro area is the right one for you. If you like nice white sandy beach with beautiful blue calm Caribbean water, the Bayahibe/Dominicus area is where you want to go. All inclusive resorts as well as independent hotels, mix of tourists and locals, look here
hi there! as already know by those answered questions above... here in this peace of PARADISE there are many beautiful beaches EVERYWHERE you choose......
but if you are only looking for a good beach, and if u are a suefer, id say caberete will be the one to pick, cuz its more convinient and inexpensive... and the area its very tropical, ppl are very nice! there is pretty much all kinds of surfing staff.... best thing is that almost from one beach you could literaty speaking walk from a beach to the other one....... dear friend las terrenas its another good place there are cheap and expensive places to go to... so we all hope you could come to our peaco of PARADISE AND ENJOY IT AS MUCH AS YOU CAN!!! HAVE A GOOD ONE!!!! BY THE WAY cabarete area has many of the very nest bars and clubs..... but best of all is surfing...
me again! best hotels, are babaro, punta cana and cap nada... all of them have good prices........ but if you like to find a place like this one, please check it out... let me know...... these are very private places.........
Tortuga Bay provides an experience of total luxury, perfect service, warm hospitality and some of the most beautiful beaches and facilities anywhere in the world. Is very intimate with Palm trees providing a canopy for the walkways and cart paths around the exclusive luxury, villas designed by the world-renowned Oscar de la Renta
Hi, the best beach at the Dominican Republic is Bavaro, Punta Cana and the best hotels are on that area too(east of the Dominican Republic)
I think Kelly's answer is the best you could find...
There are beautiful resorts in D.R., but all of them are all inclusive. Our own is a huge, beautiful residence, with private beach, lor of palm trees, and a river crossing the property. Each bungalow, or villa, or apartment has a kitchen and is not all inclusive.Ideal for a different, free vacation in one of the most beautiful place of D.R. It's really a paradise. We'll open on July.
Starting May we'll be open, but not fully operating
Here in the Samana peninsula we have amazing beaches too. Playa Rincon was featured in teh top 10 beaches in the world list. Close to Las Terrenas you have the beautiful bays of Coson and Bonita and other hidden beaches which you need a boat to get to. There is so much choice!! Here all is very unspoilt and we do not have resort hotels claiming the beaches. The whole country is a beach paradise and it comes down to personal preference in the end.
The best beach in the Dominican Republic? Thats a difficult question because we have a lot of beautiful beaches. I guess depends what kind of tourism you want to practices, normal or ecotourism. Most of the greatest beaches are remote like Bahia de las Aguilas, Trudille, Punta Russia, Monte Cristi, and some others with nice hotels like Punta Cana, Sosua, and Cabarete. You should google the names and take a look. Hotels depends where (mountain, beach) or what you want to do. If you like ecotourism Dominican Republic has a lot to offer.
What kind of hotel looking for and what are their interests in my country we have hotels to hotels for couples to families seeking excellent entertainment depends on the family to a romantic dinner for two persons in light of the moon with a good wine and excellent lobster Just specify who seek help and I gladly
All of our beaches are beautiful, but they say Bahia de las Aguilas is the best, of course, they dont have hotels near there, if you like the party and people go to Cabarete, if you like to be chilling you can go to Las Terrenas, Samana or a place that a fews know Costa Esmeralda, Miches. About best hotels, we have Cap Cana and Paradisus in Bavaro.
as others said all our beach are nice but once you get here choose paradisus palma real to stay is one of the best resorts here and in order to get to the best beach you will need to ta ke a tour you contact me 1 809 673 5553 and i will manege to take you the beach is at saona island.
Hi.. I could say the same of Pina Chirico... the best beach i have been is Punta Rusia, it is calm beach.. really quiet, have all the colors from transparents to deep blue... and it have a great trip adventures to Paradise Island... a sandy island 20 minutes from the Ensenada beach to deep Atlantic ocean... Best hotel in the North Coast area are Sunville at Cofresi, all Windham a boutique Hotel called Victoria house......

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