What do you think is the best restaurant in town ??

any type just where would you go for the best ............service, food, fun,price?


Country: Brazil


What city in Brazil are you referring to, because we have many different types of foods depending on the city. If you are in São Paulo then it would be difficult to answer because São Paulo has pretty much any and every kind of restaurant you can imagine with good food, fun and price, Rio de Janeiro is the same. If you are in the northeast of Brazil (the coast) then the best place for food, fun and price would be almost any one of the many seafood places that have all kinds of fishes, shrimps, lobsters, crabs etc.... for a great price and lots of fun due to the cheap drinks as well and very warm welcoming people here in Brazil that always know how to show tourists a great time. I hope I helped at least a little. If you want to know the exact name of 1 or 2 restaurants in a certain city let me know and I will give you some good options, and if it is a city I have never been to that´s not a problem beacause I have at least 1 or 2 friends in every state in Brazil so I will for sure be able to give you some great options, The Brazilian food is great!!!!
Sorry thought about my own City SALVADOR DA BAHIA
Solar do Unhão
Guide in Rio? Jim Campbell:
It is a little bit expensive but I would say that Mistura is quite nice and the location is gorgeous, right in Itapoã beach.
Mistura is very expensive.
I ate at Mistura and I had a lovely time there! The shrimps in bahia are amazing!
Amado at Comercio, wonderful brazilian food there.
Great place, Amado!
Amado has great prices and it is one of the best in Salvador.
I cannot agree more with Rafa, I went to Mistura many times and I love it!
All the places in Mercado Modelo is good.
Mercado Modelo isst place to the best place to eat in the whole city!
I go a lot to Mistura!
mercado modelo is a very popular option.
I agree with Mercado Modelo, it is very local!
Brother, mercado modelo is the interesting choice.
You can find a good acarajé in every corner, street food in Salvador is also something we cannot miss.
I am not familiar with ~Salvador so I will read what you write!

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