Is it better to visit Italy or France?


Country: Italy


Hard to answer your question but first timer usually visit Italy first. Italy has much more to offer in terms of sightseeing, museums and leisure. From countryside to historical sites Italy has much more to offer including foodie and wino staff.
Italy is also much safer these days than france and probably cheaper.
If you come to Italy let me know if you need any further advise and/or suggestions.
well, you are asking italians , so the answer is definitly that it is much better to visit first you have so many things to do, good food, nice people, culture, sea, whatever you are looking for, you will find it in italy.
Hey, why compare the two....... both are worth a visit and both have so much to offer. Never compare oranges with apples... As an Indian, I have loved them both for their beautiful buildings, art, cuisine etc.. and I refuse to decide on one from the other... Of course, a French person would recommend and an Italian Italy...but the best answers should come from people who don't belong to either of these countries but have been there..
You are comparing 2 different kettles of fish as they say. It's like saying is it better to drive a Toyota or a Nissan.....It's up to the individual tastes. Of course in an Italian forum we will say Italy.
what are you looking for?
What you like to eat?
How long are you planning to stay?
Probably the right question is not Italy or France, but what region of one of them: Both them are so interesting and so varied that you must choose a part of them, or a particular point of view.

Example: only a region (Italy,Tuscany) if you would like to smell and taste the local lifestile or a point of view (es..main Historical: Milan Venice Florence Rome Neaples, if you just like o long sightseeing in a short time, but be ready to city sightseeing bus style)

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