New Years eve In Iquique

Hey! I'm going to be in Iquique for new year's eve, anyone has been there and has some tips?


Country: Chile


Hi Cinthy,

I havent been in Iquique for new year evening, however the place to stay at midnight is probably in front of the main beach were for sure will be fireworks and then the places to have fun are usually located in its historic downtown. Hope you have a good new year.
hello Cinthy,
Iquique is an hostoric city from the north of Chile;
I recomended to you go to CAVANCHA Beach; where will be
the realization that fireworks for about 20 minutes illuminate the early stages of 2009.
The show will be held in the spa may be warned and Cavancha from all corners of the city.

And alot off pub and party around the city... where you can enjoy with people...
we are at Patagonia, chile... if you need any information let us know. even Torres del Paine National Park.
Or any place in Chile?
we are at your orden
regards and merry christmas

Cavancha(the main beach)is the place to be for the fireworks and later on there are a lot of partys in different clubs.
Hi Cinthy, that`s a good option to spend new year down there, i absolutely recommend to go to Cavancha Beach
wich is very close to the airport, and is really nice
to practice, watch or take lessons about how to surf,
perform windsurfing, acuatic ski, and the water ain`t
cold at all, like in the beaches close to Santiago,
a lot of tourists go out there and if you go you must
go to eat at the Cavanchina Restorant located in Filomena
Valenzuela street 775 not far off from the beach, lobsters,
shrimps, and all kind of fishes are offered. The it`s a
very safe place but don´t forget to be always careful with
your valuable stuffs. Cheers!!! Darío Pinilla.....
Cabancha Beach is the best place to be for NYE.

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