Is there any limestone caves around your area in Sri Lanka suitable for caving? Please tell us!


Country: Sri Lanka


Not in this area, only in what I know in Pahiyangala

Pahiyangala is situated in Kalutara District at Yatagampitiya 5 km off from ulathsinhala where the pre-historic man lived 37,000 years ago.Valuable fossils of the pre-historic man have been found in this pit.

Beli lena - Kitulgala

Wavul Pane - Kolonna

This limestone grotto of Vavulpane. The grottos consist of at least 12 caves of varying sizes. This is a magnificent cavern lying isolated on the Eastern slope of the Bulutota Rakwana range, northwest of Embilipitiya. The cave is located in the Ratnapura District, in the Kolonne Korale, about 278 mtr. (912 feet) above sea level. The caves are appropriately named; it means Cave of Bats after the 250,000 bats that inhabit it.
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There are many places in Sri Lanka with lime stone caving, its a very profitable business.

For further info please explain the exact need for us to provide accurate info on it.

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Hi, Mr.Arjun, We are also based in Kandy and doing caving and pot holing tours also. We need to collect info for the visitors who visit Sri Lanka for caving and pot holing in future. Yes, It is a good business in tourism.
and mathale u can find caves..
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You can do limestone mining in large scale in Naula Industrial Estate. You also can get in Digana and also in matale (Aluvihare) But these places come with environmental problems. Therefore the best location is the Naula Industrial estate. Its an abandoned place and you can do mining as you wish. Its government property and you have to get the property on long term lease basis . I know the superintendent of naula Industria estate very well and I can introduce you or the party to him. He will advice you how to do the rest. For more info , contact me on 0713477735.
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Sure, because it was you knew ; previouse generation ware lived at same places .and they were maintain family as long durations.
so; we can gaurantee to yuor quistion.
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not around colombo as far as I know.
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