Where is the beautiful Onsen in Hakone? Where is the cheapest ryokan in Hakone? Is the best onsen located in same ryokan /hotel? thank you


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There are a few more details you need to provide before I can give you ideal answers to your questions. First of all, it depends on when you want to visit Hakone. Next, how many people will you be traveling with? How long do you want to stay? Do you want a ryokan that includes meals?
All of these will influence the price.
Having said that, my favorite onsen is Tenzan. They only have a Japanese website.

If you need help navigating it, let me know. They do have rooms available, but I have never stayed there.
As for a ryokan with an onsen, there are many throughout the area. Most of them are smaller ryokans that offer private onsens.
Mizunoto is one of my favorite places. Here is a link:

Again the site is in Japanese.

Please let me know if this information is helpful and/or you need any more.
I like to go on Autumn, but my family wants to go on Spring next year...So we are still fighting now. I went to Hakone many years ago, and forgot the name....unfortunately, I forgot the train's name also, departing from Tokyo :-( Well, your reference might be one of my choice, of course your info is yaku ni tatsu de gozaimasu. Thanks bro....
How about this

They recommend Kappa-tengoku at Hakone yumoto.
Another useful english site

If you really looking for budget stay, try Hakone Ashinoko Camp Range
Hi. If you have been to Hakone many years ago, then I have a few new places you may want to try.

With kids, I would definately go to Yunessan Inn. Different kinds of Onsen in one place and you can spend the time for a LONG time there. They also have a place to stay too. . This place is a trip. I think it is very entertaining. Coffee bath, Red Sea Salt bath (you can actually float!!!), Tea bath, and even have Dr. Fish bath. You wear swiming suit and go different baths places in the facility. There are big slides kids can enjoy too. I really enjoyed the place.

I also liked Hakone Pax Yoshino. They have very nice outside baths (rotenburo) and with beautiful view, I think it is a good price.

Both site is in Japanese but Pax Yoshino has English link.

I hope this information helps!

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