Crossing the border from China to Thailand - anyone tried this?

I'm in China now and I want to travel to Thailand. I don't want to take a plane like normal people do. I want to have an adventure and cross the border from Kunming, China to Thailand. Has anyone tried doing this? Can you please share to me your experience? I tried looking it up online but i can't find anything. I would really appreciate your input on this.


Country: Thailand


well... first you have to travel across Laos or cambodia. thailand has no border to china.
HI Efrin,

Easy, It takes around 8 hrs to Chain saen from Jinghong , price 820yuan RMB including accident insurance 20 yuan .
Snacks & fruit is available on the boat.
Leaving time : each Tuesday , Thursday , Saturday 8:00 A.M.
You can book the tickets at Forest Cafe with the same price and get your tickets at Forest Cafe. It is convinent and save your time.

Have fun,
If you like, try to find cruising information in Kunming. The boat normally operates to and from Jing Hong - Chiang Saen - Chiang Kong. If possible, I recommend to get off at Chiang Saen district first. Easy to find guesthouses or hotels. There you have a chance to start touring, attractions such as Golden Triangle (Thai-Laos-Myanmar borders), then to Mae Sai border market, etc. Both Chiang Saen & Mae Sai are not far from Chiangrai city.

Or if you get off at Chiang Kong (further down the river, some hours from Chiang Saen). Visit natures like mountains, Doi Pa Tang - Phu Chee Fah, but quite far from Chiangrai city.

Mae Sai - Chiang Saen - Chiang Kong, each is district of Chiangrai province. You may start touring in Thailand here. Then go to Chiang Mai - Mae Hong Son (each is province).

See map of Chiangrai:

I donĀ“t know how long you plan to stay in Thailand, but you should be aware of the new visa rules that will give you only 15 days visa stay if you enter the country by land, instead of flight.
Hi The answers from Randy and topbkk are good ones. Just be aware that when you get into Thailand, you will only be issued a fifteen day visa. The 30 day tourist visa is only issued to those entering via an international airport.
Happy stay.
There is now a ferry service to Chiang Saen (7-8 hours, 800 Yuan) and there are about 6 stops on the way. But check well ahead as this info might change as quickly like the weather in Phuket. Ferry's leave Jinghong on Mon, Wed and Sat. It is recommended that you be at the pier by 07.00-07.30 for customs clearing.
You will have to cross into Laos then onward to Thailand. if you need more than 15 days in Thaiand the head to Vientiane, go to the Thai embassy and obtain a 60 day tourist visa, this is offered free until 04/06/09. back to the bus station at morning market and catct a bus to Thailand. Local bus #14 takes you to the friendship bridge crossing 5,000 kip 20 baht accept both currencies, cross over into Thailand and then yuo are on your way. Rail station 2kms bus station 5kms from the border.
I have friends that did this, I will ask around for you and let you know asap.
looks fun to me. I should try it myself one day. :-)


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