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Country: Bangladesh


Bangladesh could easily be on your first choice if you are looking for a splurge to budget vacation. There are islands, mountain ranges, mangrove forests, world heritage spots, archeological spots, and in the city you can have site seeing tours, you can take a stroll in the middle of buzzing traffic of Dhaka day and night.

If you are looking for night life, you can have dinner plus concerts of local bands @ less than $15, what can Dhaka offer more is its older part of the city with Mughal establishments, Dhaka University building can give you the aroma of British Colonial architecture.

I left out Cox's Bazar for a roaring longest unbroken beach.

You are welcome to my country.
Bangladesh is a country rich in natural beauty. It's a land with diverse landscape- from hilly mountains to plain land and sea. It's a very green country with land after land of agricultural fields.

I must also include about the interesting things you would experience in Chittagong. It is the Port City and the second largest city of Bangladesh. Although pollution is a major part of city life in Bangladesh, Chittagong is far much better than Dhaka. It still has the existence of greenery in the city life, and there is a World War II cemetery- a very peaceful place.

You could also enjoy the view of the beach near the airport, and the local people are very friendly, wherever you go in Bangladesh.

To know more about Bangladesh -

I have a personal blog on pictures I have taken all around Bangladesh. Though I don't update it much, it has a good collection of pictures-if you want you could peep in -

I would be glad to welcome you to the scenic beauty of Bangladesh.
Dear Charlotte,
before I answer your question, I should have asked you where are you from and where have you been so far so that I can give you a comparison between the cities and any rate, if you like to explore different people, and different culture, perhaps a bit of adventure in the mangrove forest as well as the tail of himalaya and needless to say the longest unbroken beach in the world then your next destination would be right here in Bangladesh. Keep in mind this is a developing nation so do not expect that much in term of luxury, however there are few places where you can indulge yourself with the updated modern luxury...i.e. 5 star hotel with sauna, msg, golf, day tour in the city and so on.....the city (dhaka) is over populated and dirty, but yet it has lot to offer...come and see it for yourself...should you need to learn more about the city or the country you can browse through the internet or you can contact me or 88-01915153605...
Bangladesh will be the best selection for you with minimum budget. As this country has the world's longest beach Cox's bazar , it has the 2nd beach place from where you can see sun rise and sun set both . Bangaldesh has the largest mangrove forest where you can see live Royal Bengal tiger, It has the hilly and mountain cities where you can enjoy the tribe people's life.
You can have a nice experience of ling drive in the northern country side where you will smell of the real life.
In Dhaka city ofcourse you will have a good night life .
SO think about this and let me know...
Take care
I think you already know that Cox'sbazar and Sunderban still keep their position in recent top seven list of 'Seven Wounders Of World". So from this perspective you can easily understand what kind of tourist place bangladesh is. Besides this Bangladesh is very friendly to tourist. We always respect tourist. The living cost is lower than other's.

I have been here for my childhood and i accustomed to live here peacely.

Chittagong's Foyce lake is a natural gift from God. It will give you the view of british architecture also. Kuakata's simultaniously sun rising and sunsetting scenery is the only one wounder of world. And also Potenga will give you a very different view from others that you can't find in other countries. If you think about these things then Bangladesh will be your lone choice.
Bangladesh is a wonderful place for tourists. Local travel and good accommodation and food is cheap, English is widely spoken, foreigners are generally admired and treated with respect, most tourist areas have good security. There are thousands of interesting places to visit in Bangladesh but the following are my favorite:
1. Cox Bazar - Beach combing on the world's longest unbroken beach.
2. St. Martin Island - Great Scuba diving and Snorkeling.
3. Sundarban - Luxury live-aboard boat trips deep into the world's largest mangrove forest and home to the Royal Bengal Tiger. Excellent wild life spotting right from the comfort of your boat: Tiger, Deer, Dolphins, Crocodiles, Monkeys, Eagles, Lizards, etc.
4. Bandarban - Drive up to Chimbuk hilltop or swim in the beautiful Meghla Lake in the hill tracts.
5. Moyna Mati - Ancient archeological site only an hours drive from the capital.
6. Chandpur - Leisurely day long boat ride with picnics on sandy islands along the way.
7. Barishal - Luxury trip on old colonial era steamers.
8. Anwara - Dirt biking along the sand banks of the Karnaphuli river.
Please come to Bangladesh and enjoy all this and much more.
If you need to know more please send me an email.

Rabiul Alam
To be frank Bangladesh is definitely not in the hit list for many Westerners. But there are number of fabulous places to chillax and to enjoy beauty of nature. Among them Cox's Bazar, St. Martin Island, Sundarbans and three hill tract districts. For an isolaton and being with nature is most important in visiting all these places. On top of everything you will feel the hospitality of Bangladesh!
Tourist attractions in Bangladesh abound. Throughout the country there are many fascinating things to see and exciting things to do. Some main places of attractions of Bangladesh are:
1. Dhaka- the capital city
2. Chittagong- gate way to the Bay of Bengal
3. Chittagong Hill Tracts -the hills and tribal Rangamati Bandarban Khagrachari
4. Cox's Bazar-the beach and offshore islands.
5. Sylhet - the tea gardens and rain forest
6. The Sundarbans -the world's largest mangrove forest
7. Archeological sites
8. Rivers
9. Village areas
Hi, Charlotte,
Thanks for ur interest about Bangladesh.
For ur kind information, I live in Dhaka; the capital of Bangladesh for last 35 years. So, anything about Dhaka & Bangladesh will be with u...
Now informations for ur second question:
How long u wanna be in Bangladesh?
If u wanna come to enjoy all tourist attactions..
Think about the longest sandy beach of the world in Cox's
If u wanna enjoy both Sun rise & sun set in same beach, Kuakata os waiting for u..
If u wanna see live river criuse & animals moving around; just come to enjoy the river cruise to Sundarban..
Wanna enjoy the mountanian beauty; our hilltracts are waiting for u ...
What a person want to have in a tourist place to enjoy holidays... more than ur expectations is waiting here in Bangladesh.
Pls. come & enjoy ur holidays in Bangladesh & vote for Cox's Bazar & Sundarban to be in the top of the natural wonders of the world..

If u wanna know about the budget & expenses or other issues in ur mind pls. feel free to conatct with me: & +8801711438093 in Bangladesh.

Hope to see u in Bangladesh.

Dr. Monzur
1. Cox's Bazar - the world's longest unbroken beach.
2. St. Martin Island - Great Scuba diving and Snorkeling.
3. Sundarban - Luxury live-aboard boat trips deep into the world's largest mangrove forest and home to the Royal Bengal Tiger. Excellent wild life spotting right from the comfort of your boat: Tiger, Deer, Dolphins, Crocodiles, Monkeys, Eagles, Lizards, etc.
4. Bandarban - Drive up to Chimbuk hilltop or swim in the beautiful Meghla Lake in the hill tracts.
5. Moyna Mati - Ancient archeological site only an hours drive from the capital.
6. Chandpur - Leisurely day long boat ride with picnics on sandy islands along the way.
7. Barishal - Luxury trip on old colonial era steamers.
8. Anwara - Dirt biking along the sand banks of the Karnaphuli river.
Please come to Bangladesh and enjoy all this and much more.
If you need to know more please send me an email. my mail no is or call me up at +8801920475186
Dear Charlotte,

Bangladesh is a tourist FRIENDLY country. The hospitality of local people will comfort you definitely. And you will love this country for the simplicity of her people...

You are most welcome to Bangladesh.

The sites you can visit;
1.) The Sundarbans (The largest Mangrove Forest in the world)
2.) Chittagong Hill tracts
3.) Many Historical Places
** I believe you will enjoy the Villages (country side), the warm hospitality of the villagers and their company. But you will require a guide or a local friend.

Hills, lakes, river, forests, beaches can be found in many places but the people of Bangladesh and their simplicity is unique and can be found only in Bangladesh.

So Visit Bangladesh....

Thanks & Regards
It's a wonderful place to travel for a casual traveller who is especially interested in village like scenic beautiful places. Also we have the natural longest sea beach and a great mangrove.
Ya, I m. Bangladesh is a place of natural beauty.There r so many places for tourists to visit.The longest sea beach is here at "Coxs Bazar". The largest mangrove forest "Shundorban" is in Bangladesh. And the amazing sea beach at "Kuakata", where u can see sun rise & sun set. Most of all, Bangladeshi people are very friendly, generous and natural.Their lifestyle didn't change a lot with the time & technology.

Bangladesh is a land of river.The big river r Padma, Meghna, Jamuna & Bramaputra.U could sail to anywhere from the capital "Dhaka".Bangladesh is shopper's heaven. South asian biggest shopping mall "Boshundhora city" is in the capital city. Asia's biggest shopping mall "Jamuna future park" will be open very soon. So, why do u waiting for! Come, lets take a tour at Bangladesh.& Inform me, while u r visiting. May be, I could join u.

Saymoon Mahamud Nicolas
Travelling through Bangladesh is cheap. The climate in Bangladesh is tropical.

Whether its at the beautiful and serene beaches of places like Coxs' Bazaar that stretch on forever, or a boat journey through the winding, curving backwaters of a Bangladeshi river, with its ancient towns and villages some dating back more than 2000 years, and past maharajas palaces of the previous centuries . It'll be an experience that will undoubtably find a place which will provide you with the unforgetable trip of a lifetime.
Hi Charlotte,
thanks for your interest about Bangladesh
i am in Bangladesh, from Bangladesh and yes i have visited most of the beautifull places of the country...
such as...
Cox's Bazar- the longest unbroken beach
Sundarban - the longest mangrove forest
and the hill districts r waiting for you with all its beauty to amaze you ... and so many more ...
just visit Bangladesh once n'u will come back again to
explore more,i know ...
with best regards
yes,because i am a Bangladeshi by birth!there are many attractions here in Bangladesh.

in dhaka:u can visit national museum,liberation war museum,jahanara imam memorial museum,shaheed minar and curzon hall in dhaka university area,ahsan manzil(pink palace),river cruise on burigonga river,sightseeing by cycle rickshaw,armenian church etc.

in chittagong:pztenga sea beach,cox's bazar sea beach,inani beach and holiday resort.St.martin island(coral island),maheshkhali island etc.

Chittagong hill tracts:rangamati,bandarban.u will see and meet many tribal people here.u will need the permission from the DC's office.

in sylhet:tea garden,lawachora forest,madhab kunda water fall,green field etc.

in khulna:world largest mangrove forest(SUNDARBAN),60 GOMBUD MOSQUE and it is 600 years old.

in comilla:mainamati museum and war cemetry,many archeological site etc.

visiting village life!u can stay over there and enjoy the simple life of the village people.

u will know Bangladesh,if u come here.i will help u.if u need any information,i can help u.take care.

Great!!!... Come see for yourself. More than welcome!
dear traveller first of all i live in bangladesh and likes to work as a guide. if you need me feel free to ask. bangladesh is a land of beauty. you can see the green carpet like field of rice here, now is the best time for that. the various spots are full of archeological monuments mosques,in comilla near dhaka ( 2 hour trip by bus very enjoyable and nice scene) there is a great archeological site where u can see the place like macchu piccu but its not that high. and there is a rich museum that is full of old sculptures your eyes will be delighted there are many places like that.

in cox`s bazar you can enjoy the longest beach by room rent of $10-15 luxury room. and u can have a walk trough beach a memory of life time. there r markets food shops you gonna enjoy as well as u can enjoy the little town.

in saint martin the coral island you can go by the 4 hour trip from coxs bazar you will have a travel by bus or minibus or personal transport. then gonna enjoy a travel by ship to the island.

the island is mind blowing.
the scene of blue see ad sometimes its green will blow all ur bad memories.

if you want more answer please ask me. my email is
Hi Charlotte,
Before knowing you about the beauty or tourist place of Bangladesh, It would have been better if I could know about your interest. Not being as Bangladeshi it is likely seems to all visitors whom I have met in here or in abroad that the country has a natural beauty. And the country has Six seasons. This is a country of river. Here you can take a taste of Sea, Mountain, Forest, Wetlands, Night life, Boat trip in the river, Rickshaw tour etc. etc. etc.
You may heard already through website or through others means about the beach of Cox’s Bazar and the Kuakata as well as the mangrove forest Sundarban. Cox’s Bazar beach is the longest unbroken beach and the Speciality of Kuakata is where you can enjoy the Sun rise & Sunset together at the same place. And the Sundarban is deep man grove forest where you can see the Royal Bangal Tiger. Both the place is selected in the top 7 chart of Natural Beauty.
Also you can take a city tour in many cities where you will have the opportunity to see Castle, ford, museum, zoo, park, cemetery, guest birds many more.
You can learn about the tribal life style and enjoy their cultural programme. You can see the Handloom cloth and Pottery making by the villagers as well as Nakshi Katha. You can see the Tea garden and tea processing.
Also if you want to know more about Bangladesh you can stay with a local family. It will help you to learn more about the Bangladeshi culture.
If you are not like a traditional tourist OR if you treat your trip as study tour, you can join in a work camp where you can get the opportunity to meet local people, shear the ideas and views, and take the opportunity to see the Bangladeshi life style closely.
Bangladeshi Food is spicy but very tasty.
People of Bangladesh are very friendly by culture and nature. Cost is very very reasonable. Normally you and your belongings are safe but still I would suggest you to take care on your own.
Many many things are missing. Hope if you plan to come I hope the trip will worth while. If you let me know where are you from in that case I might give a contact of your own country who have visited already Bangladesh with whom you can shear more details about Bangladesh.
My contact address is:
Its all aspects
Hi, thanks for your inquiry, Bangladesh is the cheapest, safest and one of the tourist friendly destination in Asia.Here, you will find the longest sea beach, a repertoire of enchanting cultures and equate temples, largest mangrove forest & indigenous people holding a wealth of wild life, rivers and most of all, the friendliest people you have ever met. It is amusing that our packages are very much economic and attractive.If you are a backpacker you can easily accommodate yourself with in US 15 a day. And if you are looking for some comfort you have to think of giving away US$ 45$ to 100 a day.I have been to Bangladesh many time, and I was born there, so if you need any assistance feel free to mail me at adilhawk at gmail dot com. The best season to travel to Bangladesh is winter, which starts from November 20th and stays till March 15th. There are many tourist destinations the main attractions are 1, Cox's Bazar Beach Chittagong Region. 2. The Sundarbans world largest mangrove forest Lower Bengal in Khulna Region. 3. The tea garden in Sylhet, Molavi Bazar in Sylhet region. You can also travel From Dhaka to Khulna via Barisal on a ROCKET this is kind of a paddle steamers built during the British Raj, but few still remains in service.At present, this service is open for 4 days a week (Saturday, Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday) from Dhaka, leaving at 1800 hours.
Dear Charlotte,

I don't know where are yo from.But i can tell you if you really want to go for a vacation in South Asia then Bangladesh could be easily you no 1 choice.
It is country full of natural beauty. If you visit Bangladesh then you will see what is natural beauty.
You wanna know about the tourists place of Bangladesh.
I will tell you you can't imagine how many places in Bangladesh for tourists to visit but only telling you about Cox's Bazar the longest sea beach in the world which is ranked as top by the New 7 Wonders Authority.

yap, I am from Bangladesh,cox's bazar,hanging brige in rangamati,hill track.Here many place's have to visit and have a good time in Bangladesh. feel free to call me at 01717977365.thankyou.
Hello There,

I am from Bangladesh & as a Bangladeshi i welcome you to visit our country any time. There are various places to visit here. If you have seven days time in your hand & want a real Bangladeshi trip send mail :
Bangladesh is a nice place for tour. You may get many interesting things here . We have the world largest sea beach, many rivers, some mountains and also tea garden.
there r a lot of places for visit. like sundarbans, coxsbazar, madhobkundo,jaflong,kuakata,sent martin,nijhum deep, hatair chor nad have a lot of historical places.

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