Do you know what the best time to travel to Costa Rica is?

I want to volunteer to help poor communities in Costa Rica. What dates would be good to go there?


Country: Costa Rica


Right away if you can !!
We just had a 6.2 earthquake in January and they need help in that area.Plenty of organizations looking for volunteers.I hope you are fluent in Spanish.
Hope it helped.Mark
Any time is great to visit this beutiful country!! And if you want to do some volunteer work, their is a lot on all areas, !!
You can chek this page out they have a great volunteer program if you have any other inquary please fell free to ask me!
Help is needed at any any date is good, you can arrive at any hour that is not a problem here...and places to help there are plenty!
thats a cool thing to do be in Costa Rica from nov 15th all the way to mid sept.the weather is perfect temp wise,its an amazing place you will love it !
Its super-hot summer right now, my favorite season here. There are lots of opportunities for volunteering, specially for foreigners. Any time is good, there is always need for volunteers.
Any time is good, special when coming as a volunteer.
If you dont mind getting a little wet from the rain, from may until october is a good time to come. You could also get better deals in hotels and tours if you want to travel a little. But if your idea is goin to the beach and travel a little more come from December until April during our dry months.
You can come right now, is lots of places you can volunteer, a lot of help is need it.
God bless you
The indigenous communites in the Talamanca area can use volunteers. What is your specialty. Through November the weather is pretty good. ATEC, based in Puerto Viejo, would be a good place to get more informaction. Google it!
For volunteer any time is good!
You can come to Costa Rica anytime of the year to help poor communities. But most tourists prefer to come during the 'dry season' from December through April. If you would prefer to visit the caribbean coastal areas and Atlantic watershed area(La Fortuna-Arenal-San Carlos-Sarapiqui & Limón province) then your best time would be from April-October.
Federico Grant's answer is the best answer, I think.
There's no bad time to offer help or to come to Costa Rica. Help is always welcome. Rain would be the mitigating factor as far as I am concerned. Guanacaste has the least amount of rain in rainy season, June through October. June, September and October can have the most amount of rain.
When ever you can, good help is always needed. Right now the area thats needs more help is near the Poas Volcano where the earthquake took place, lots of people are living in shellter, so Cook's, hand work and motivational help as well look for a non profitable assotiation named UN TECHO PARA MI PAIS they can give you more info. There are other areas you can serch like the Talamanca region where the indian reserves are, there yoo can give english classe that would contribute a lot. Work as volenteer in one of costa ricas's national park is a big help too, taking care of mother earth is taking care of the people thats live in it! for this you have to contact the SINAC or MINAE. hope the info was helpfull...
All year around is good to come to Costa Rica, but since you want to come and do some work and help the poor communities, rigth now we need a lot of help, you can check: Un Techo para mi pais, Organizacion Cepia in Tamarindo Costa Rica, Aldeas SOS, etc, etc,
Any date is good, but between Dicember and May you will avoid the afternoon rains, it rains on and off during this time of the year.
But that doesn´t stop most poeple from doing there errands and everyday activiteis.
Any date is good, but between Dicember and May you will avoid the afternoon rains, it rains on and off during this time of the year.
But that doesn´t stop most poeple from doing there errands and everyday activities.

From December-April the Pacific side and Central Valley has the best sunny weather. From September-October the Caribbean has the best weather, but any time is perfect specially if you are willing to volunteer. About this matter, there are different ways to volunteer in Costa Rica, all the suggestions above are great. Also, there's a lady in a Caribbean town looking for volunteers to help in an organic farm.

Just let me know if you need more info.


The best time for the Pacific coast from November to August.If you like to volunteer in Costa Rica their are 2 Projects in my neighborhood. You can contact Anette Nierhoff
Agentur für Freiwilligendienst
first hand Costa Rica

If in the time you are in Costa Rica you want to make a really nice tour just fly with us in our Ultra lights. We make beautiful scenic flights and you will see animals like mantas - sharks - turtles etc.
Right Know if you can, the country is needing help. I´m sure you can be that help.
Good luck
Any time is good to volunteer in CR, but probably during June-July-August it could be kind of packed, especially sea turtle projects.
Plese check this link
Also, if you can be here next week and want to help in the earthquake area... go ahead and contact this (Spanish needed)

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