i wuld like to visit places were the people live in farms real rural areas some can help me whit something


Country: Italy


Got to Sardinia in Italy. There are many places which are called "agriturismo" where you will be in the countryside and have all the comfort, great food and contact to locals. Many speak English.
Ernesto you should go to the Puglia region, from its vast history to its various traditions and customs you will be amazed by all the charm and beauty that this region has to offer.
There are some many beautiful rural places in Italy to visit. I would suggest to visit Apulia or Umbria regions that are still unspoiled by mass tourism and retain lively traditions.
Nancy Aiello
hi arnesto can you visit amalfi coast ie very beautiful coast i live here the food end city is very paradise visit me web site best regads anthony
Hi Ernesto, Tuscany is an amazing place to see the countryside. You can taste amazing wine and food plus much more. There are many small hotels and bed and breakfasts that operate throughout the Tuscan region, some are in the middle of nowhere and have amazing scenery.
Most of Italy, especially in the south you can have rural area.
It depends what else are you interested to do there.
Cilento National Park is not still a touristic area and German beople are becoming to visit it.
It is the bigger national Park and you can visit the old Greek Temple of Paestum too, Pompei is not far and also the coast of Amalfi is only 70 km.
But don't stay there becouse it is so touristic and very expensive, you could visit for a day or 2, especially Ravello and Amalfi, also by bus from Salerno so you will have the opportunity to look around from the windows, during the trip.
I live in Ogliastro Cilento, 10 km from Paestum and manage a guest house give a look
Bye bye
Hi, i'm very interested in your question...
I'm an umbrian tour guide and i'm degree in Local and Folk traditions!! And i did a research thesis, visiting the people live in farms and rural areas and asking about their experiences and way of life (especially old men)!!
Therefore if you want to explain yours ideas....
i can and i'll like yo help you...
Write a mail to:
In Tuscany, Casentino and Mugello are still alive and nice areas, have a look on about farm-holidays

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