Contemporary art in Perú: where to visit emergent artists or their work?


Country: Peru


The best choice to visit new artists in Perú, professional ones with contemporary proposals, will be the art-galleries, much of them found in San Isidro, Miraflores and Barranco districts.

Unfortunately the 'museum of contemporary art` has not yet been finished and actually it will comprise only a private collection that until the building is complete will keep its works on deposits out of the sight of the general public. Hopefully soon that museum, even though limited will open and we will at least be able to give a glance to the recent decades of contemporary peruvian art.

Perú has neglected its ´living`culture much in favoring the historical one: archeological museums and sites are interesting but we should not forget that the ones making those monuments are long gone, and it will be interesting to find what locals are making today as an aesthetic proposal.

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