What is the best job for me. I have guidedpeople on walking trips up mt. kenya. Gone to most National parks of Kenya. Travelled to...

...Tanzania,zanzibar Have good knoledge of Nairobi. I have worked with American field school in Kenya with Americans for more than 14yrs. Am a driver and done advanced first aid several times, wilderness first responder courses. worked and assisted new construction for the school for field studies twice. Now am working as a manager in a 5 squre km conservancy which is within a large Mpala conservancy in north central Kenya. Please is there a job For me. in addtion am famillier with camping equipment and camping in general as I was in charge of camping equipment and driver of Truck.


Country: Kenya


Important to know is what is wrong with your current job. That might lead to the answer what is the best job for you. You have extensive experience, but changing jobs might not be that easy, considering the current crisis in the tourist industry.

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