Why tipping is required all around Egypt ?

Like w.c , restaurants ,drivers ......etc.


Country: Egypt



There some countries where the service really is not well paid and the people who work in the tourism field are waiting all the time for some thing extra , which is the case in Egypt / Other countries tipping is considered a complementary part of the service like USA for example , other countries they do not depend or consider or wait it , like most of European countries .

In Egypt it is really considered as the not written law.

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Because wages in Egypt is not a good level and that workers expected to tip as thanks for his service. Tipping help workers to improve their quality of life
well unfortunately MOST (but not all) services try to benefit from tourists as much as they can and sometimes they do so by being plain rude :(
soo if i were you i would tip only HELPFUL personnel and just say NO! for others :)
because its required all around the world,does that answer your silly question?
If you traveled before you will know that it is not all over the world silly you so never speak silly ignorant of some thing you don't know

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