I am looking to go to Ko Chang for a couple of days can anyone recommend a place to stay on the beach and good to go with children...

...about 1000 baht a night????


Country: Thailand


i used to be there once and stayed at Kai Bae Beach. it's very nice place, quiet and not expensive, place i stayed that time was Bangalow it's small wooden house.

if u r going with ur kids, i would recommend for White Sand Beach. it's also nice. there r people around there and u can enjoy the sport activities too. u can also rent the bike to explore the island. it's quite value to do that as there are many places that's interesting on the island. :)
Klong Prao has few places to stay in cheap rate

try V.J. Resident, V.J. Hotel

try on this site.

i think, book on the web may get the better offer!!!
According to my experienced. I would recommend you to stay at the White Sand Beach (Had Sai Khao) because it is safe beach for your children. It is long stretch beach which you can find many bungalows and restaurants there. You can check in The White Sand Beach Resort (1,100 Bht.) or Alina Grande Hotel or Alina Resort which the rack rate is ranging from 600-6,000 bht. It is worth to try. My two stangs advise...loll.
you want the room for how many days and which date, as it is Songranth Festival , the pricing will differ according to the dates

I reccomment on White sand beach resort or hotel im not sure but they're very nice people and very nice place. There's head of Koh chang beach, so quiet in the night time even in the day time. I been there 2 years ago and I believe that they're still very nice.
I dont recommend white sand beach. Too much crowd, and not very good for children. Go past white sand and find a nice beach over the top from there.
white sand beach.....SURE!!!!
I agree... White sand beach!

Good luck, if you need more help you can always message me.
I've lived on Koh Chang for 3 years. Whitesands beach area is dirty, overpriced, and overcrowded. However Whitesands Beach Resort is a bit out of all this and is quite pleasant...I think it is under 1000 bht. If you want something typically Thai try Cliff Cottage at Bang Bao...300 bht per night

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