Does anyone know to translate the word "poison" in the French language?


Country: France


word "poison" have the same meaning in both languages (english and french)
Poison....same :-)
Poison is the same word in English and French. In French it is a masculine word un poison or le poison. To poison someone is empoisonner. something that is poisonous is venimeux (masculine)or venimeuse (feminine) but poinious fumes are toxique.
It is exactly the same word in French and in English.
already well answered but dont mix it up with poisson which means fish!
As we say in humour, English is nothing but french badly pronounced and vice-versa... it's the same word just pronounced a bit differently. In French, the "s" is pronouced as a "z"....
Poison is the same in french language.
If you are interested to translate language and you are willing to learn french language then you can pm me. I have good command in french language as well as i have gathered many useful resources to learn french.

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