Which will the best company to rent a car in Lima, any further advice as to the best kind of car or fuel?

If one wants to go out of lima with the rented car, it will help to know which models will be best as roads probably are not always new or well kept or some types of fuel are not easily found out of the city of Lima


Country: Peru


Sometimes it is useful to refer to a dedicated server, in this case I found the link:
of much help. You can even see prices listed so it is easier to compare.

There is always the alternative -which I reccomend if you don´t want to suffer from Lima´s chaotic traffic, corrupt police or street burglars, of renting a car and driver, just negotiate with a taxi driver, many of them are just common people trying to survive on a low wage society with their cars or the one they rent to 'make the day'. If you offer them around 5 to 10 dollars an hour, they will be more than pleased and you will have car and driver for less than you will get just the car on a rental place!!!

(and help a local worker instead of raising utilities of an international rental company)

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