Are there nice public parks to spend a while reading a book in Lima?

I`ve seen some nice green areas but not many are really open to the public or have lawns where to just lie to read a book or relax, could you mention some?


Country: Peru


There are still some open parks in Lima, at least on daytime hours. Some near the old downtown like the Washington Park in front of the American Ambassador residence on Arequipa Ave. or some other small ones in San Isidro, some between buildings, really the best to go and read quietly. I will also reccomend Roosevelt Park near the end of Miguel Dasso Ave., just blocks from San Isidro Golf Club Course.
if you stay in Miraflores you can sit on Parque Kenedy, is chill for read a book, also around are many coffee shops,
and some nice restautant too
good luck

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