Which are the best places to try seafood in Lima, please recommend an expensive an a cheap one, or mention the price range

Ceviches, arroz con mariscos, calamares fritos, jaleas... Perú has a wide variety of recipes based on fish and seafood, but the recent gastronomic boom has rendered some of the prices really high. Some places no so well known by the also recent `gourmands' are the best, but only trying them and being a local you know where they are, guides for tourists and media sometimes don´t publicize them..


Country: Peru


Lima is probably one of the best places to eat around. You will find a wide offer of many different cuisines as it has been a city for already 5,000 years and a commercial,religious and geopolitical node.

If you don´t have a problem with budget I will strongly recommend `Pescados Capitales`in La Mar Avenue (avenida) Not far is the acclaimed local cheff Gaston Acurio (dear friend of mine) "La Mar" , and now some other smaller cevicherias and seafood restaurants open in the neighbouring blocks, so just get to La Mar avenue and you will find the best seafood places in Perú

Though, if you have a smaller budget, you can always get to Mercado Modelo de Surquillo, in the corner of Via Expresa and Ricardo Palma avenue, a 1950`s rounded building with a wide variety of ingredients for gourmands and cheffs, and many small eateries on the surrounding street. Actually one of the best ceviches and tacu-tacu´s in Perú is in cevicheria Yamakawa, less than a block away from the market.

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