Which are the best places to go surfing in Perú?

Could you include recommendations for lodging, means of transport, and even surf schools?


Country: Peru


A good site to find lots of updated information is :

but Perú is one of the privileged spots worldwide for practicing surf, actually one I will personally recommend. There are no sharks or poisonous jellyfish,it is a welcoming society with no much trouble for surfers visiting to find new beaches and great waves, if any other tips necessary feel free to contact me, most of my best friends are surfers themselves and even though I´m only an amateur one, there are many nice spots I will gradually review in this site. (there is much to write down)

If you like warmer waters the north is great, if you brought your suit and like bigger waves, you will find some of the best near Lima. Don´t miss local cuisine while in Lima, it is just fantastic and not expensive, try chifas and cevicherias

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