what would be weather in september in sri lanka?



Country: Sri Lanka


its different on the eastside than the westside
its always change the climate
Hi Kamal
As a SriLankan you know the climate of your country very well, but let it explain to you. On the western and southwestern parts there will be still rainy season, heading for nice sunny and dry weather you have to visit deep south area, the eastern province or you go up to the northern parts. In September it will be still high season at Arugam (Pottuvil), Battico (Pasikudah Beach), Trinco (Nilaveli Beach) for example!
November to end of January is the North - East monsoon in Sri Lanka. It get rain mainly all over the country. But month of September is before monsoon. That is the theory so just feel free to think rain and hot sun.
Because Sri Lanka is an Island it is difficult to predict the climate earlier.Normally according to the theory September August are dry periods,,this is the rice harvesting time..But due to distroying the nature by the people, raining pattern has changed along with the pressure differences, in the indian ocean.
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Hi, September use to be very good climate. But recent years it has been changed due to Global weather ( I think). So always check the weather before reach Sri Lanka. Also best area to travel this time , South west coast. Even if it is some bad weather there are many place that could visit, because bad weather will not continue for long time. Most probably Evening will rain and during the morning time will be good sun shine. this is the weather pattern last few years. Good luck for your dream tour to Sri Lanka.
September is the tail-end of the South West monsoon so with the winds receding and the onset of the inter monsoon period there could be a few thunder showers spread over the island, but generally September should be relatively warm and bright during the day with a few evening showers of rain.
it can be change cant say
smooth and normal
Sri Lanka is tropical,you know because you live here?So Iám a little bit disturb if you dont know your own country Mali. ok with distinct dry and wet seasons. The seasons are slightly complicated by having two monsoons. From May to August the Yala monsoon brings rain to the island’s southwestern half, while the dry season here lasts from December to March. The southwest has the highest rainfall – up to 4000mm a year. The Maha monsoon blows from October to January, bringing rain to the North and East, while the dry season is from May to September. The North and East are comparatively dry, with around 1000mm of rain annually. There is also an inter-monsoonal period in October and November when rain can occur in many parts of the island.

Colombo and the low-lying coastal regions have an average temperature of 27°C. At Kandy (altitude 500m), the average temperature is 20°C, while Nuwara Eliya (at 1889m) has a temperate 16°C average. The sea stays at around 27°C all year.Tropical climate. Upland areas are cooler and more temperate, and coastal areas are cooled by sea breezes. There are two monsoons, which occur May to July and December to January.

Western part of Srilanka Colombo to gall Sun shine
Kandy slightly cold
Eastern part Raine day
tricky one. Generally mornings are cold and sometimes windy in most parts of the country.. Especially the eastern parts where it will be dry and windy.

Towards the end of the month there are a few odd but heavy showers that can be very spoliy.

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