Singapore fines

If I leave a public toilet unflushed in singapore, I will be fined how much?


Country: Singapore


There is no policeman or video camera capturing you in this "act", so unless you go around shouting that you did not flush, then in all probability you will not get fine.
Nonetheless, do in Singapore, what you do at home. If you flush your toilet in your own home, then pse do so in other countries. Just do the "decent things" and you should not worry about fines whether in Singapore, or other countries.
Why would you leave a toilet un-flushed after using it? I am amazed at such silly questions.. Ask yourself, what would you think if the person using the toilet before you went in, left it un-flushed..
I am tempted to report this question. Lol.

But if you must know, it is $150. But that's only if some pervert who has been peeping at you decides to also report you to the authorities and get himself jailed for being a witness to your crime. A long stretch.
Hmm. u won't get fined for this . But thinking back do you want to go into a smelly toilet....

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