what is the meaning of waka waka ?


Country: Sri Lanka


i think its a Nigerian form of music popular also in amny parts of Africa.
Actual meaning of Waka is pidgin language meaning of "walk while workin" but the English translation of Waka Waka says "Do it" as in perform a task.
i think its south african world maybe its meannning "go go"
Waka-Waka mean Onomatopoeia for the sound that signals the movement of Pac-Man. Trademark phrase that the Muppet Fozzie Bear says after making a joke "Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)", a 2010 song by Shakira Wakawaka, also Waga-Waga, an extinct Indigenous Australian language (not to be confused with Wagawaga, one of the Suauic languages of Papua New Guinea)
Waka waka - "Do it" (as in to perform an action)

IN detail wat is mean in shakira's song

The chorus is sung in Fang, a Central African dialect. However, Shakira lyrics are altered minutely so as to avoid furthur legal conflicts with Golden Sounds, who composed the original song:

Tsamina mina - "Come" (as in to present oneself hither-to)
Waka waka - "Do it" (as in to perform an action)
Tsamina mina zangalewa - "Who asked you to come?"
Anawa (originally ana wam) - "It's mine"
Django (originally zambo) - "Wait"

Shakira uses anawa instead of the original ana wam. She also uses django instead of zambo.
I think Dul's Answer is correct
my only knowledge of this was take it easy, could be miles of the meaning

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