Fun things to do in Israel? What are the secret things only locals do?

What are some fun things to do in Israel which tourists rarely experience?


Country: Israel


well,first of all walking tour.
especially in nature,like Judea desert,wild creek(vadi),or jeeps tracks(4x4) or camel trip in the negev(south)
The real secret ones we are not aloud to tell.
The ones we can tell are:
Hiking, repelling, rafting, picnic (barbeque), desert tours, jeep tours, night tours. Visit historical sites, nature reserves.
The list can be very long depending on what are you looking for specifically.
Fun to whom?
These are some of my favorites:
A late afternoon walk in Tel-aviv promanade with a good oriantal restaurand in "Kerem Hateymanim", Visiting the Western Wall during the nights before the holy Jewish holidays (September), A walking tour in the Negev desret in November-March when you can descover a wonderful blossoming in unexpected places, with a light outoor lunch on a rock or a cliff, viewing the endless sights.
Have a wonderful time in Israel, whenever you come.
you just visit the food market's in the big cities at friday noon
Go to Rosh Hanikra to the Grottos Riding a camel in Judea desert and kayakin on the Jordan River
Camping out where the locals do. You get to experience the culture and land first hand. (best place are on the Mediterranean and Galilee beaches, the rivers are also nice)
come visit Nazareth, an old city where jesus lived most of his life, visit the church of annunciation, the old market, nazareth village (experience how did they live 2000 years ago), treat yourself with tasty food in many restaurants around mary's well, take a walking tour in the old city and jump for a breathtaking view from the upper hills, and many many more....
Here are some fun places that the Israelis like :
- "The Gorky": An Israeli Tavern to spend the evenings and nights with the locals that love to sing Israeli songs. You want fill a stranger after getting into the Israeli atmosphere. You'll get familiar with different Israeli songs and dance while getting a good Israeli food, which turns everything to a big Israeli party.
-At summer time Israelis likes to spend time in doing some rafting at the Jordan river. It's for families, singles or double and it's really not the frightened one.
- Shopping: Do not follow the tourists guides on that, you can visits the market in the city of Lod or in Jerusalem where you can find good prices, or you might visit some of the local moles: "Renanin" in Raanana or "The 7 stars" in Herzeliya and more
-Food: While in Tel-Aviv Hatikva neighborhood is the place. A street with just local oriental food all over.
-Accommodation: While in Israel don't spend you money in Hotels. For tourists it's very expensive (they charge tourists for extra fee). You should try on of the Zimmers around the country - a room (or a suite) in fewer prices. Most of them offer a good Israeli breakfast and in some you can find a local restaurant.
** There are plenty of fun sites and places that I can recommend please write if you're interesting.
Another idea is a 1-1.5 hour walking trip in Hasharon beach (Hof Hasharon)Natural Park. This wonderful place located about 15 kms north of Tel Aviv. Wild colorful flowers with overwhelming view to the Mediterranean Sea. Free admission!! Nice place to visit and picnic.

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