Fun things to do in Dominican Republic? What are the secret things only locals do?

What are some fun things to do in Dominican Republic which tourists rarely experience?


Country: Dominican Republic


The 27 waterfalls of Damajagua, Lake Enriquillo, Playa Rincon, La Cueva de las maravillas ( Cave of the Marverls), Pelempito Hole, Tarzan's House
of the many fun things local people do, most poeple do cooking out at a river or the beach,this trip its all day...
visiting families way up in the country and also with an expecific meal plan. we also do fogatas right on the beach, this is a great thing to do in a fullmoon night.

another thing i personally do is, go out in the country and distribute clothes and thing i know those people needs. this ne of the best things i think people being on vacation could also do.... helping others.

keeping in mind that its better to give, than to receive...
so we could this scurtion, "HELPING THE LOCALS UP IN THE COUNTRY"

so there is much more fun staff to do here like going to church up in the country for those of you who are christians, and for those who are not, there are many many things to do, like going to the discotec, to a bar, restaurants, the beach, river, swimming with the dolphins... going to a water park. visiting the old parks of our history... and many more things like these.
going to the river and partying with the locals, going to the bomba (local gas station, car wash, bar) and dancing with them as well as driving through the barios,stopping and joining a game of dominio's, all in a good day away from the tourist areas
Going to Colmado after work, drinking "grande", dancing to the music of marengue or bachata, practicing Spanish with the locals
there are so many things to do in DR like for example if you are in Santo Domingo, go to la Zona Colonial where you will find a lot of history of this marvelous country, the malecon is a great choice where you'll find hotels, casinos, not matter what you're looking for, you'll find fun and entertaiment. If you are at the east coast, Punta Cana is a must (where actually I am located), beaches are out of this world, clubbing, parties, lots of outdoor activities like four wheel, ridding horses on the beach, theme park, snorkling, there is something like a boat flying, I don't remember exactly what it's called, but it's amazing. If you want to know about the people from here you go to Higuey, which is a very popular place, lots of bares, colmados, Virgen de Altagracia Church, etc. .... Come and you by yourself, If I continue telling you how it is you will die to be here, so that is not my intention...!!!!

there's many things you can do, if you like dancing there's many good places for dancing in Santo Domingo where few tourists go, but you'll get fun for sure. there's a nice place in Bani, where a river, a pool and beach are together!!

the new sub-way in santo domingo.

there's many clubes for weekends, where you can find fun, but NEVER tourits go there. Also there's motorcross rallys,

Colmados are a good one too!

if you need more help,

let me know.

but you;ll get fun wherever you go,!!
Drink Mama Juana , Play Domino , We just get a chilling time the year is star We make a party The Year is gone We make party 365 Days all the time is party because is the way how we donĀ“t think about the problems , When some Body Die a lot person Going But a funeral is the best way for learn to play Domino
Go to the beaches, Drink Brugal, eat a lot of Sancocho, and Habichuelas con Dulce, just go out with your friends and Dance!(merengue, bachata, everything), Play domino and a lot more!
Go to the beaches, Drink Brugal, eat a lot of Sancocho, and Habichuelas con Dulce, just go out with your friends and Dance!(merengue, bachata, everything), Play domino and a lot more!
The first thing you enjoy in D.R. is your freedom. People are always smiling and you feel home.
There are natural parks, golf, excursions to islands, mountains, trekking. rivers, visit tipical villages, artisans, beautiful hotels, marvellous tropical vegetation, botanic garden, etc.

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