Where can I find the best pizza in Chicago? I know there's a lot of controversy, so I'd love to get some locals answers on this one.


City: Chicago

State: Illinois

Country: United States


I guess it depends on what kind of pizza you want. Bricks Chicago and Lou Malnatis are classic Chicago style pizza. Bricks is in Lincoln Park and Lou's is in River North
Kate - this is super helpful! I'm moving to Chicago next week so I plan on checking out both of these places. I'll probably check out some of the others mentioned here until I pick my favorite. Can't wait to enjoy some authentic deep dish Chicago style pie!
1. Giordano's (many locations)
2. Lou Malnati's (many locations)
3. Gino's East (162 E. Superior - just East of Michigan Ave.)
4. Chicago Pizza & Oven Grinder (2121 N. Clark St. - Lincoln Park neighborhood)
Kate is correct! You must first choose your preference, deep dish, thick crust vs thin, downtown, Lincoln Park, South Side. Armed with some answers to these questions one can give directed answers.
I totally agree with Kate. I love Lou Malnatis, for classic deep dish. If you want more of a NYC style thin crust, I like Mangia Roma on Halsted,
Chicago is particularly known for deep dish. I grew up in Chicago, still have lots of family and friends there, and a son in college. Lou Malnati's, Uno, and Due have legions of fans, but also on your To-Try List should be Gino's East, Bacino's, Giordano's and Home Run Inn.

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