How can I do If I want to visit Puerto vallarta, Sonora and Coahuila???..I want to do some hicking, scuba diving rappel or cannopy


Country: Mexico


well,all this places are quite far from each other,and with that budget,i think the only way is by bus,what places in sonora and coahuila you want to check out?i guess first will be to fly to Puerto Vallarta
hey! there are great places around my area, just call me ,
in saltillo, the mountains, the desert , ancient ruins, hiking, climbing, rappeling.
Well brother, ther's a problem with your itinerary, Coahuila and Sonora are states that are separated at more than 12 hours of trip, second, Puerto Vallarta is also a little far away from Sonora, like 8 hours from Hermosillo, wich is the most important city of Sonora, now all you want to do, you can do it in Puerto Vallarta or Guaymas.

Now if you still wanna make the whole trip, well you can do it through bus or you can get to Durango and take the last standing passenger line train.
your trip is a little complicated because the cities you chase are far from each other, so i advice you to re-schelude or at least to consider more money in your budget, you can travel by the low cost airlines though; even they are less expensive sometimes it's better if you travel by bus. and you can do all the activities you want in one of the cities in the pacific coast for example zihuatanejo, pto. vallarta, mazatlan or guaymas and you don't have the need of traveling a lot.
To begin with, all three locations are quite apart from one another. To make it brief:

Puerto Valalrta is tropical. Very similar to CentralAmerica.
Cohahulia is all desert, and the main atraction there is a desert oasis in Cuatrocienegas. It has great biodiversity in the middle of the desert. Similar to the Galapagos, but with no ocean.

Sonora has probably what you are looking for. In San CArlos you can scuba, snorkel, sea kayak and other various water activities, and since the desert meets the ocean there, you can also rappel and hike as well.

More detailed information can be found in the Lonely Planet: Mexico Handbook. Hope this helps.
you have to take the states of the north first because Puerto Vallarta it's on the south, im from guadalajara, close from Puerto Vallarta and in puerto vallarta you can do a lot of extreme thinks like the things that you want and more many more, you can write me and i can make a schedule for you thanks... and if you wanted to i can looking for the activities to do in Sonora y Coahuila
Hi, I can give you a good response for Vallarta, you can visit the website this website has the best rates in town, and all the activities, you can do hicking, scuba diving, cannopy, rappel, dolphins, atv's, all that you want, you will be able to do it...
well i recomendt you to go to cancun or veracruz to the rapidos for my experience there are the best places for these kind of activies
well it depends the buses are cheap here in mexico and very confrotable with air Conditoned ,or you could fly to puerto vallarta
It cant be done in that little time, but it would be great for you to come for at least a week, and also it would be a little more expensive, Puerto Vallarta is an expensive city, Coahuila and Sonora are far away..The good news are that those activities can be done wherever of those 3 locations you prefer
hey men well im more like in the south part of mexico for rafting and stuff try to google filobobos and the veracruz area of extream sports

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