Traveling to Morocco,what kind of food will I get there?

Hello,have you been to Morocco? What kind of cuisine could I expect there? What meat and any chances of getting american food?


Country: Morocco


As Morocco is a Muslim country one cannot find pork so easily, but they do have some in the bigger supermarkets like Marjane and Acima. In some of the bigger cities there are also pork butcheries. You can find beef, lamb and poultry very easily. In the more rural areas people eat goat meat. For American food - every major city has a McDonalds and KFC!! However, Morocco is known for its amazing cuisine and I suggest that you sample the many different dishes and leave the American food for when you are in America!! Morocco has a wide range of dishes and although they use a lot of different spices in their cooking, it's not hot spices. Enjoy you visit to Morocco and the different tagine and couscous dishes.

We do have here very good local cuisine. But we also have Mac Donalds in nearly all large cities. the French cuisine and Pizzas also are eerywhere.
Casablanca : international fine cuisine french and "brasserie" thai japanese chinese spanish euro and tex mex . Us bbq and hamburgers .... very few no really offers excepted .. Mc donald and Haggen Dasz

Marrakech has same stuff too, other places only local greasy meals :)))
Morocco is known for its culinary art. It's very diversified and is made based on some special spices like safran, etc. Moroccan dishes or more specifically "tagines" are a combination of meat and vegetables. Meat can be of lamb, veal, chicken or fish. Depending on the region where you travel, you'll taste differente specialties like the famous pastilla, couscous either with meat or chicken, the mechoui, the different tagines. Morocco is also known for its pastries made of almonds like (Cornes de Gazelles, Mhancha, etc). As far as American food is concerned, you can find some places like TGIFriday, McDo as well as a very famous restaurant called "Rick's Café" which is managed by an old US consulate commercial attaché. In the Rick's café you can have international food and taste their famous cheese cake.
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there are many palces where you will find what you want. all what you need is taking some taxis and be in th place that you want.
also in essaouira there are a lot of ameriacn people also in all moroccan cities.Our food is so very good and healthy. you must take some informations from internet is so easier.
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Fr yr information that the Moroccan Kitchen is the second in the world (no comment)
One of the last US franchise in Morocco is TGI (in Rabat and now in Casablanca).
Would you go for Camel meat? You can find it in some specialised restaurants. One say it is healthier than beef.
Hello! dont worry about the food in u can find many kinds of food here.... Moroccan food, frensh food,pizzas and also chines restaurants if u want. as well as the american's food dont ask about that, in the big cities there's Mcdonlnad's and kintaki. so dont worry about that. and u have to try the moroccan food its so good, like "Tagine" and "Couscous". u'll find everything here. u're welcome.
i'm now at morocco as a student.even i'm from asian but i enjoy the variety of food here.don't worry about the will have many cuisine especially about morocco. you also have vietnam...thai...and asean cuisine.about morocco cuisine ,the main cuisine here such as meat(sheep or cow) or chicken served witd will have salad and the other's not spicy and nice to try it.about american food you will get it very easy.moroccan have many express food restaurant such as McDonalds...KFC...Pizza Hut and many more especially in tourist place such as marrakech and casablanca.ok hope nice trip.
you can find any kind of Foods, European, American, Moroccan (Arabic & Amazigh "Berber")
1000s of restaurants...
I like that question , You have to know the Morocco ius the country of Freedom , You can find any food you want it "" Morocco food , Italy food , USA and UK food "" Just you have to ask about the restaurant who prepare the kind og food that you like , about my areea in south of Morocco you can find only Morocco food , you will like it because it's delicious and everybody say that.
all sorts of food especially in the big cities. Macdos, pizza places and supermarket offer great things too. Yet moroccan cuisine remains the best tasty one. highly recommended!!!
Hello, just dont worry about what to eat while ur in morocco...morocco s cuisine is considered among the best in the world..hope you enjoy it.
Moroccan cuisine is a very diverse cuisine, with many influences. The reason is because of the interaction of Morocco with the outside world for centuries.
the most famous Moroccan dishes are Couscous, Pastilla (also spelled Bsteeya or Bastilla), Tajine, Tanjia and Harira. Although the latter is a soup, it is considered as a dish in itself and is served as such or with dates especially during the month of Ramadan.

The Tajine serves as the framework for a college of ingredients, spices and styles. Tajine de viande (Meat Tagine), Tajine des poissons (Fish Tagine), chicken with preserved lemons Tagines, Coucouss, M’Choui (lamb), B’Stilla (the legendary centerpiece of every banquet), Harira (traditional lentil soup), Moroccan Salad or "Salade Marocaine", cornes de gazelle (sugar-coated pastries with a delicate almond paste filling) and M’Henca (almond filled pastry), or briwats au miel covered in honey. Moroccan recipes are simple and easy to prepare: organic salads and vegetables take on an immediate exotic flavor within the context of Moroccan recipes and cuisine.

you will find american food every where only if you go to a moroccan food restaurant there they make arabic food but everywhere they serve american food or just go to kfc macdonalds.
The moroccan cuisine is very diverse since it is influenced from many ethnic parts. It's a succesfully mix of arab, andalusian cuisine, of berber or amazigh tastes, of subsaharian africa and from jewish who enrich the moroccan cuisine. The cuisine reflects the mosaïc of this country and it's very tasteful. You can find salty and sweety meals at the same plate, it's very exotic! The famous moroccan dishes are couscous and tajine. And the sweeties are also very diverse. Miam miam ;-)
Of course you can find american food (Pizza hut, Tacky chicken, Mc donald's...) but you're travelling to discover other tastes and not to keep the same american habits.
Hearing from you as soon as possible.
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hey ,, as many of teh members have cited... finding an american dish isn't a hard task, never mind , Morocco is a multicultural place so u dnt need to worry about which type of food u can get sice everything's available , take care ;)
Yes sure you have a chance to have American food but that only in the torristical city's like Agadir , Marrakech , Ouarzazate but in the other places you will find only Morocco food
Yes sure you have a chance to have American food but that only in the torristical city's like Agadir , Marrakech , Ouarzazate but in the other places you will find only Morocco food
In Morocco you can find diferent food deppending on the region you are.
The american food is easyer to find in the big citys, like Casablanca, Marrakech, Rabat, Fez. You have KFC and MacDonalds and you can find good pizzas too.
You have 2 principal special dishes. Taijin and Coucous. The taijin is made in a special clay recipient that also is called by Taijin. It can be made with meat or only with vegetables. Is the traditional and preferential plate in the desert.
The cous cous is the boilled cuscous (cereal)with meat and vegetables. It takes 3 houres to boille.
oh well I already live in Morocco actually! In morocco, we've got all kinds of cuisine from Asian to American restaurants. The famous restaurants there are in my country are KFC, TGI fridays, fried chicken and of course Macdonalds. If you would like to taste our Moroccan traditional food, i'm sure you are going to love it such as Tagine, couscous and so on in Moroccan restaurants.According to meat, you can eat cow meat. Anyway, you will enjoy the trip here in Morocco inchallah (meaning if god wants).
in general you would not have problem concerning the food in Morocco if you happen to be in big cities like Casablanca or Tangier where you can get international food, fast food in addition to the local cuisine. Basically the main dish in Morocco is tagine with its different varieties from the vegeterian one to one with the is usually served with bread. Tagine actually is the name of the clay outlet in which the food is prepared usually though stove or coal in the country side. Another important dish in Morocco is Couscous which is usually served on Fridays after the noon prayer, it is usually served with buttermilk. In addition to the aforementioned food you are going to expect to drink a lot of Green tea either with menth or shiba...varieties of sweets like bastilla, boil ot down the moroccan cuisine is very rich you can expect to find a mixture of Berber food like tagine, French food like millefeiulle and Spanish food like general the food in Morocco is renowned for the use of mild spices like cumin and paprika
and enfin Bon apettit
Awesome, healthy food! My friends who come from the States say that they can feel an improved difference in about 5 days in their health after eating healthy Moroccan food. They offer various meat and vegtable dishes that are amazing. You will eat well.

you can found all kind of cuisine "italien,spanish,turck,chinis,and moroccan "
ps :moroccan its much beter
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International cuisine is ok

You will find international food. What do you mind about American Food? Mc Do yes for sure


Of course moroccan food.
typical food (couscous tagine fish...)and also international kitchen.

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