Is it possible to hike from Interlaken to Gimmelwald in September?

My husband and I are traveling to Switzerland in September. Considering hiking from Interlaken and staying the night in Gimmelwald. Not sure if it is doable in one day.


Country: Switzerland



Yes it is possible to hike from Iinterlaken to Grindenwald.
It is about 20 km by road and a bit more by foot.

As the way is in the bottom of the valley, i would recommand to take the bus to Grindenwald and hike around their. You'll be higher in the montain and you'll have a nicer view.

Septembre is a very nice period for travelling in Switzerland, especialy in the montain, You'll have a wonderfull light.


Of course it is. And it's not so far to go even by bikes.
Dear Victoria

It is possible to hike from Interlaken to Grindelwald in one day in September, it's 20 km distance. But since you'd probably have to hike along the road, which I don't consider to be very attractive, I'd rather suggest to use the train. Both regions, Interlaken and Grindelwald, offer a variety of beautiful hikes.

One suggestion near Interlaken you can find on this link:

link to Swiss trains:

Another very attractive destination in the "Berner Oberland" I can recommand is Adelboden:

Wishing you a wonderful trip in September!


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